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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Otherworldly UPRIGHT CAT-SHAPED ENTITY Loudly Wailing Outside House

Almost 50 years later, a witness describes an incident with a thin otherworldly upright cat-shaped entity that was loudly wailing outside of a den sliding door while the witness slept.

“When I was around 13 years old - it wasn't a Sasquatch but I'm really hoping someone out there has had this same experience. The fear was absolutely paralyzing. I still think about it almost every day.

Our house was a rambler style in a rural setting with a deck out the back that had several steps out to the backyard and then woods. We didn't have any neighbors. Then my bedroom was actually the den that had the sliding glass door going to the deck. Our only cat was with me and stayed asleep the whole time. We had a dog that was the only other witness to this event.

Just before the morning light, something started to scream outside the glass door of the deck. I was immediately paralyzed with fear. I can only describe it as a metallic extremely loud wailing siren-type scream. It had more than one tone like an extra vibration and was not at all natural and extremely loud. It wailed with intensity and aggression - no pausing up and down in tone and so loud it seemed like it went on forever. I was sweating and shaking with a primal to-the-gut fear. I expected everyone in the house, especially my dad who was an extremely light sleeper, to come running but no one did. Our dog went nuts. He growled and barked. He attacked the curtains and rushed the glass constantly. The whole time he did not stir this thing at all. It stayed rigid and still up against the glass. I felt it was aware of me and wanted my attention. I felt it was aggressive but I was not totally sure of its intent just that it wanted my attention.

I finally managed to lift my head slightly to look at whatever this thing was and its shape was like an average-height but extremely thin house cat. No way was this a cat or any known creature of the woods. I've always said that I was born with a cat in my arms and that I was probably a cat in my past life, so I know cats. I'm now 61 years old. I've heard their calls and screams and this was beyond anything like that.

I'm having trouble writing this next sentence. I do not believe this was an earthly creature. I will not be dismissed. I know this thing was not normal. This thing was sitting upright either facing into the glass or away. No features. Solid black silhouette with its ears straight exaggeratingly long and sitting unnaturally on top of its head. It looked fake! My cat is next to me and sound asleep the whole time. Could this thing have masked itself as something similar or something familiar to me? What about the odd metallic vibration, it was ear-piercingly loud, like it was coming from everywhere. It wailed up and down without stopping like a high-pitched siren it went on and on for what seemed like forever. I estimate it lasted about five minutes. It started when it was dark outside and then the light gradually got brighter. I don't remember falling asleep just that it was later and everyone was getting up for breakfast. I asked if anyone heard anything weird but they heard nothing.

Our dog looked haggard and exhausted. I knew this really happened just by the look in his eyes. He seemed as tired, edgy, and troubled as I did. After breakfast, the dog and I checked the deck for proof but found nothing. He sniffed everywhere frantically. I can't remember if he ran in the woods. I don't think he did and I was too afraid. I felt like I'd been through a terrifying experience. It still disturbs me to this day when I think about it. What was it? My parents lived there another 40 years nothing like that ever happened again.”

NOTE: These cat-like entities are usually described to be otherworldly or alien in appearance. Take a look at a recent video at Beyond Creepy, discussing a very similar case from 1979, in Fullham, England.

BTW, the Sasquatch caught on camera in the source video is shown below:

Source: Sasquatch Caught On Camera? And I Share MY Puzzle Piece”. The Facts By Howtohunt


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