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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Fearful Mother Encounters CLICKING 'GLIMMER MAN' That She Believes Is Stalking Her

A Sussex County, New Jersey mother encountered a clicking 'Glimmer Man' while in the woods near her home. She is fearful that this humanoid is stalking her since she still hears the clicking sounds.

I recently received the following account:

"I live in a very rural part of northern New Jersey, in Sussex County. Behind my property and to the left of my house is all forest. There are a few trails. Next door to me is a protected wilderness area where you can't build on it.

Every once in a while I would take my son in his little wagon and would set up on the clearing and have a little picnic. We were playing a few feet up before you go into the woods. So we're playing on the little clearing and he starts to mimic the sounds that he hears, for instance, the neighbor's dog, birds, etc. He mimicked the sounds around us, like the squirrels running by and the chipmunks.

All of a sudden I turned around to get him some fruit salad or whatever we were eating that day and out of the corner of my eye I see him just stop. He's saying, 'Mom, mom,' but he's staring away, not looking at me. He's looking into the tree and he's pointing, but he's not blinking. I turned around. I asked, 'What do you see? Do you see a birdie?' Then it hit me. There were no sounds.

He starts walking into the woods, but the whole time he's looking up. He's still not looking where he's going and pointing up into the tree. The only movement I see besides my son are leaves rustling in the trees. Then I see it and it's like heat rising up off the concrete on a sunny day, but it's in the tree and it's like crouched down. One arm is out to the side and its knees are bent. Immediately I feel this thing's glare burning into me. Then I hear the clicking sound. As soon as his eyes snapped to me my son looked at me and freaking panicked.

It literally had the shape of a humanoid. It's so hard to explain because it was human-like but the way it was crouched reminded me of a praying mantis. My son is then mimicking a clicking sound that this thing was making. I grab my son and we run back to the house. All the food and everything is left in the woods.

I told my friend about what we experienced that evening. He went back into the woods and gathered my belongings. He stayed in the woods for about an hour, telling me later that he did not see or hear anything unusual.

That was 6 months ago. It is now February 2023. I have read a few Glimmer Man reports from others online. When I go outside during the day, I occasionally hear those same clicking sounds coming from the woods. At night, while in bed, I hear the faint clicking sounds emanating from the deep woods. I believe that this Glimmer Man is stalking us. I asked my neighbors if they heard the strange clicking sounds. They have not. Maybe I am only allowed to hear them.

I will keep you updated." M

NOTE: I talked to the witness today. I find the clicking sound interesting since I can't recall receiving previous reports where that occurred. It's reminiscent of the sound made by the cloaked 'Predator' alien from the films. The witness stated that she had not seen any of the 'Predator' films until recently, after her encounter. Lon 


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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