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Saturday, February 25, 2023


The following 4 accounts were recently forwarded to me. It includes a Pennsylvania winged cryptid, Arizona 'Glimmer Man,' Australian winged beings, and a red-eyed black humanoid.

1988 / Aston Mountain Rd, Spring Brook Township, Pennsylvania, USA / Three cousins were driving in a car together near Aston Mountain Rd, when they reached a horseshoe turn in the road, where a bridge sits, they observed a figure standing in the water. It appeared to be picking up rocks, they assumed looking for grubs to eat. Suddenly, upon seeing their car, the creature came out of the water and began chasing them. They were going about 30 miles per hour and this creature seemed to be keeping up with them. As they watched the creature they realized it was able to keep up with them because it had wings. Not long after the encounter, all three cousins moved away from the area.

Source: "Monster 911 Podcast #91 -The Demon Creature That's Not of This World!" Part 1 - Real Life Cryptid”. Monster 911 Podcast.  9 May 2022


"One time back in 2008, my daughters and I were heading back to the Dine Rez from Sedona Arizona. We were almost in Del Muerto Arizona at about 1 am. I saw this figure run across the road heading west. You could see right through it, it blended in with the background, like Predator the movie. I just thought, you are just tired and seeing things. My oldest was riding shotgun and she says, "Did you see that Dad ?" I thought she was sleeping like her sister." 

Source: Ghost Stories From The Rez Facebook Group


"This happened in Cairns, Australia.  It was new years eve back in 2012 me and a few mates. Some were Indigenous. We were at my house in Bayview before heading clubbing. As we were talking and having a yarn, I asked my bro if we should go for a walk up the hill. My bro agreed and the rest joined.

As we were walking up Bayview there was a mountain path that you can track up. In the forest mind you, I heard the trees shake as if something was jumping from tree to tree. I asked the boys if they heard it but they laughed. As we got higher up the mountain path. I saw two black figures big tank-looking things at the fork of the mountain path. My boys stood frozen and I had cold chills. As we stared at these things, my aboriginal friend said to me lets run now. But my islander friend, being a hero, yelled out and said and I quote "Bala I nor fright you." Right as he said that these two beings rushed us. They must have been 8 or 9-foot beings.

We bolted down that hill. But we heard the footsteps get closer. As we got to the bottom of the street light we looked back and those things stood at the end of the mountain path. And we could all see that these beings had large black wings like an eagle and dark orange eyes.. After that, we vowed never to go near the mountain. To this day I don't know what the heck those things were."

Source: Indigenous Ghost Stories Facebook Group


1970s / Tuba City,  Arizona, USA / When my mom used to work for the Tuba City Boarding School during the 70s, she would tell us stories of what the dorm kids would see at night. Mom worked the graveyard shift. Many times she worked alone. She would tell us of times the young girls would come up to her and tell her someone was looking into their dorm window. It was a one-story building. The sleeping quarters were split into two wings. Mom would ask the girl if she could describe the person. All the little girl would say was it was a black figure with glowing red eyes.

This was repeated time and time again by many different students. Mom notified her supervisors and they would assign two adults to work the night shift to help ease the kid's fears.

One night, she and her co-worker, after being told by another student of the dark figure peeking into the window, decided to "ambush" the person outside. They snuck outside and surprised the "person." Turns out the "person" stood 7 feet tall and was black in color and had red eyes. They both screamed and ran inside. Mom said she thinks their screaming scared the creature away because they saw it run like crazy toward Dodson Pond. Security and other staff have also witnessed such a creature creeping around the boarding school at night. No one had been hurt but a lot of people have frightened by its presence.

Source: Ghost Stories From The Rez, posted: February 21, 2022


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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