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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Arkansas Outdoorsman's Overwhelming BIGFOOT INTUITION in the Ozarks

A longtime outdoorsman in northwest Arkansas writes me about his intuition when he believed that a Bigfoot would be nearby. I have heard similar experiences from people in the past.

I recently received the following account:

"My father worked at NASA's Johnson Space Flight Center. As a teenager growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas I was also able to make my way into the great outdoors. I was a Boy Scout and we would take numerous camping trips throughout Texas, the Hill Country, and the Piney Woods. My mother's parents owned a ranch in northeast Texas and it was a frequent family destination for holidays and sometimes just for a family vacation. I learned how to fish, hunt, and pitch a tent and basic survival skills at an early age. I would often take treks into the woods by myself without a care in the world.

Thinking back on certain events that happened back then I now look back on it with a different viewpoint mostly because what I'm about to tell you is my later experience in the Ozark National Forest at night and it has profoundly changed the way I look at my life.

I moved to northwest Arkansas in 2005. My brother and mother had earlier moved to Rhea's Mill, Arkansas. I would frequently fish at Lake Lincoln. I would often park my truck a short walking distance from the dam and then walk up and fish from the dam bank. During one visit I began to work my way off the dam and into some thick brush and trees to get to the larger boulder protruding over the lake's bank. As I approached the tree line I began to have an eerie feeling. It came over me out of nowhere. Now I've been in the woods alone many times before and have never felt this sensation. I quickly grabbed my rod and reel along with my tackle box and I made it back to my truck. I've not been back to Lake Lincoln since a year later around 2007.

I had moved 40 minutes from my mother's place. I had just gone into business for myself, I was single, and lived alone. I would often get bored and would take drives throughout the mountains and sometimes even at night. One late night, I decided I need to get out for a long ride. I was going to head to my mother's place. I started down the freeway and then exited off onto Highway 16. I continued down highway 16 for about 20 miles and then I turned left onto  County Road 33 and then it would just be another 10 miles or so before turning off to get to my mother's home. I went across the Illinois River bridge and made a sharp curve to the left. It went up a steep hill and then entered the Ozark National Forest. It was dark, only my headlights lighting up my way. At the time there was no cell service. I was smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

I reached Weddington Lake. As I began to climb up the next hill I remembered there was a small pull-off lookout to my left and I needed to relieve myself. I pulled my truck over across the oncoming lane and onto the lookout shoulder. I left my motor running along with my headlights. I stepped out leaving my truck door open and I began to relieve myself. To the right of me, there was somewhat of a cliff overseeing a small pond on the opposite side of the lake which was to my left. I found myself fixated on that ridge top. I then had this overwhelming feeling come over me. The hairs on the back of my neck began to stand up and goosebumps were running down my arms. There was a strong feeling that someone or something was watching me. I was standing outside of a lit-up truck in the middle of nowhere and I was a sitting duck. I quickly finished, jumped into my truck, threw it into drive, and I squealed my wheels up the hill.

Some years later I married and had become a father. My family and I went hiking through the same lake but on the other side. There was a rock-covered enclosure that the parks and recreation had built some years back. While there, those same eerie feelings came back. Something wasn't right. I kept it to myself and we finished our day of fun.

A short time later I found myself researching Bigfoot sightings in Arkansas. A significant sighting had been documented in that same area just prior to my roadside event. I also read of a sighting of a red-headed bigfoot digging in the sand underneath a bridge along the Illinois River. I come to find out that sightings had been documented all over this area dating back many years. I then began to think of my childhood and the things began to add up, like the time my grandmother would tell my brother and me as kids not to venture back into certain parts of the wooded areas. Also, the times' grandpa's bird dogs would go into a barking frenzy in the middle of the night and he would step outside, shooting a shotgun into the air.

I can't adventure into the woods much anymore, certainly not alone and certainly not at night. I'm a Bigfoot believer. I truly feel that my overwhelming strange feelings were the result of a Bigfoot either watching me or being in the area.

I've been reading your blog for several years and I thought that I would offer my perspective to you. Thanks. CM"


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