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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

3 BIGFOOT Approach Campers Near MOUNT ST. HELENS IN 1938

In October 1938, 5 friends were making their annual camping trip to Mount St. Helens. On this trip, they encounter 3 giant hairy creatures that neither of them had ever seen or heard about.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This is a Bigfoot encounter told to me by my grandfather. It happened in the early fall of 1938. He and his friends did a backpacking trip to a small remote lake near Mount St. Helens. They did this annually. One year they even summited the volcano during their yearly camping trip. 

This particular year there were five of them. The hike end took a couple of days back then. There weren't as many dirt roads built as there are now. They chose late summer and early fall when the berries were in season and the fish were usually biting well because they did not want to pack much food. It helped to lighten the load of their heavy backpacks.

My grandfather was a little over 20 years old during this backpacking trip. After the two-day hike to the lake, they set up camp and decided the next morning that my grandfather and another guy would try to catch some fish. The other three young men would go collect berries. The next morning they did just that. My grandfather walked to the far side of the lake and his friend was on the side nearer to camp.

The fish were biting and he had caught a few when all of a sudden he started to feel uneasy as if he were being watched. The hair on the back of his neck seemed to stand on end and then he got a whiff of a foul rotting stench. He started to look around and directly behind him only 20 to 30 feet away were three giant human-like creatures covered in dark brown hair from head to toe standing at the tree line. My grandfather was a large man around 6'4" and the smallest of the three creatures was just as tall as him, however, it was much wider at the shoulders and much thicker. According to what he was looking at the next creature was a foot taller and then the third was even a foot taller than that one, putting each of them at six feet or better. The next one was over seven feet and the other one was over eight feet tall.

He was overwhelmed with adrenaline from fear and panic. He wanted to run, however, these three giants staring at him were blocking the only direction that he could run. The only way he could get away would be to leap into the lake and swim. He decided his best option was to calm down and keep doing what he was doing. He cast in his line and began to fish again. Shortly after that, he caught another nice trout, and while reeling it in it dawned on him that these creatures may be here for his fish. He unhooked the trout and tossed it to them. The smallest of the three stepped away from the tree line and retrieved the trout and brought it back to the other two.

So he continued to toss fish to them. The smaller the three Bigfoot continued to retrieve the trout. After a while, he landed a really nice fourth trout. He went to toss it back to them but they were gone. He then grabbed his equipment and ran around the lake in the direction of the other friend. After finding him he said that they need to get the hell out of there and began to tell him what happened as they headed back to camp.

When they got to camp the other friends were already there picking up camp gear and in a hurry. They stated that they ran across three giant hairy creatures while out berry hunting. It took the group only a day to hike back out downhill.

They did not know what they had encountered. They had never heard of anything like that in the 1930s since the term Bigfoot had not been known.

After that trip, they never went back to Mount St. Helens. They changed the location of their yearly backpacking trip. My grandfather stated it wasn't until the 1967 Patterson / Gimlin Bigfoot film was shown in theaters across the nation that he finally had a name for the three giant creatures he had a close encounter with." DS


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