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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

1950s TV 'OLLIE' PUPPET & ALIEN GREY Haunt 'Night Terror' Experiencer

A Memphis, Tennessee man describes his 'night terrors' after going to the hospital emergency room as a boy. The repeating nightmare haunted him for years, culminating in one last terrorizing night.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"Here's my story. I was 8 years old living with my parents outside of Memphis, Tennessee in the late 1950s. On this day it was a warm summer evening. My parents were next door talking to the neighbors. All the kids were running around and playing. The neighbors had a station wagon parked in their driveway and the tailgate was down. I wasn't watching what I was doing and while running I tripped and went face-first into the tailgate. I split my lip all the way down from my nose through my lip. My upper lip was laid open so I had to go to the hospital. I was terrified of needles and fighting the nurses as they tried to give me a local anesthetic before stitching me up. I was a strong little kid, so three nurses pinned me down and I remember one nurse saying we're going to play Cowboys & Indians. We're going to tie you up. They strapped me down, from head to toe. They gave me the shot in my lip, sewed me up, and I went home. 

After that, I began experiencing night terrors. I attributed that event of getting strapped down and my lip sewed up as the nexus of the night terrors. The nightmare was always consistent. I am at my grandparent's house with all my cousins, like we always did, sleeping on a pallet on their living room floor on the old rug she had there. She'd lay a blanket down and put pillows out. I would lay there with a huge rock on my chest and I can't move any part of my body. I can see up to the top of the rock and over the rock pops a figure. The face is of a character in a TV series that was popular in the late 50s called 'Kukla, Fran, and Ollie.' It is a creepy little character, a weird puppet with a snaggle tooth. The face is looking over the rock and he's laughing at me. He's also talking to me but I can't hear him. I know he's talking because his mouth is moving.

Then I see a hand come over the top of the rock, then an arm, and then a shoulder. A figure pops its head up and it's a figure with bony hands. This thing had a teardrop shaped-head and it had big black almond-shaped eyes, just like the pictures you see of an alien Grey. This was before anyone had ever described alien encounters or abductions! I see this thing look over the top of the rock and it starts to come toward me. At that point, the dream stops and I would wake up in a panic.

The night terrors started to wane when I matured and became an adult. I got married, started raising a family, and I didn't have that dream for almost 50-something years. That was until this past year. One night, my wife had gone out of town. I was here at home with the dogs just working and relaxing. I'll read a book for a while, then I'll watch a TV show and go to bed. 

Well, that's what I did. That night, I had the same old nightmare return. I haven't had it for all those years. I wake up, but not in a night terror state. It's totally dark. No outside light coming through the windows. I started to think that I am still asleep and dreaming. Then I see a figure standing in the doorway of my bedroom and I see its arm up against the wall. I look at this thing and I'm again wondering if I'm awake or if I'm dreaming?

The next thing I remember I'm walking through my house with a firearm and I'm checking the house. The dogs are not alarmed at all and are asleep in their beds. I walk back to my bedroom, put the pistol away, and get back in the bed and I fall asleep. It was probably the best night of sleep that I ever had!

The nightmare I had experienced that night was exactly the same as I had those many years ago. Why I just had one more nightmare is a mystery because I have had no more since then.

One quick note. A few days after this experience, I was in my office working. I had the TV on. Then I heard someone mention Fran Allison, who was the woman from the 'Kukla, Fran, and Ollie' show. I looked up and there was the face of the ugly Ollie character from my nightmares. I didn't panic, but I quickly turned the TV off." P

NOTE: This account really hit a nerve with me. I remember watching the 'Kukla, Fran, and Ollie" show reruns as a kid. It would totally freak me out! I just wonder how that Ollie character puppet affected other kids? I never had nightmares about the character, but I did experience terrifying manifestations at night. Lon


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