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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

WITNESSED! 8-10 Foot Tall BIPEDAL CANINE CRYPTID Rips Large Feral Hog in Half!

Two feral hog hunters are set up in a field and using thermal scopes. The eyewitness observes an 8-10 foot tall hairy biped with a dog-like snout literally grab a large hog and rip it in half!

"I'm a rancher in Oklahoma. Feral hogs are a problem in this area. I live north of the Red River on the Oklahoma side close to West Cache Creek. One night a friend called me to go pigs hunting with them on one of his friend's fields that is getting destroyed by pigs. Here in Oklahoma it is legal to hunt pigs and coyotes with thermal scopes. Feral pigs are mainly active at night.

We rode by the river, then walked possibly 150 yards and set up behind a fallen log. We sat and waited. It was a beautiful calm night and moonlight made visibility excellent even without the thermal. After maybe 30 minutes we heard this screaming. It was very loud we looked at each other (thinking it was a possible cougar) but couldn't tell exactly where it came from. 

When we heard a pig squeal to our right, in my head I was thinking a big cat caught a pig. I looked through my thermal. I froze. An 8 to 10-foot-tall creature had this pig in its hands. It wasn't a small pig, maybe 200 to 250 pounds and it was squealing and fighting the strength and size of this thing! It was amazing! It had a long beard, dog-like snout, and hairy. But in my thermal the images are white, so as far as the color I'm not sure.

As I was watching this thing it literally ripped the pig in half with its bare hands, like a sheet of paper, and threw it on the ground! It started walking towards us! I nearly crapped myself! I literally froze. I couldn't pull the trigger. In my mind, I was telling my hand to pull the trigger but I physically couldn't. Then, all of a sudden, a massive log maybe 30 feet long two to three foot round flew over the top of us! I jumped up and ran. My buddy was right behind me. We got in my ATV. I started it and held my foot to the floor.

We were traveling about 60 miles per hour. It'll run 80 MPH but don't believe it was at top speed yet. We busted through the gate to the pasture. I didn't even have a thought of getting out and opening it. We hit a ditch and went airborne and started to do a front roll thinking this is going to hurt. The next thing I remember we were sitting still, not moving, and not hurt. We were sitting next to my pickup and trailer! What the hell? We loaded it up and went to his house in silence, not a word was said.

We pulled up to his house. We went inside. His wife asked, "What's wrong with you guys? You look like you've seen a ghost. Where are your guns?" I said I think that it can keep the guns. I  never even realized our guns were left laying by the stump, but I didn't care. I was glad to be out of there.

I live about 40 miles from him. Now, this is the creepiest part. When I parked the truck and walked to my front door I noticed something in my yard. About 20 yards from the front door is that rifle I left down at the river! Holy crap! That thing knows where I live. It's 40 miles away!

Nothing has happened since then but I don't go out at dark unless I absolutely have to and haven't been back to that creek or river since. And I don't plan to. But I do feel something unnatural saved us that night."


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