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Monday, January 02, 2023

UPRIGHT DOGMAN Twice Encountered By San Bernardino County Realtor!

A San Bernardino County, California realtor recounts an incident when he hit a cryptid canine with his car. 26 years later, he encounters a similar beast in his residential neighborhood!

I recently received the following account:

"I tucked this away and never told anybody before. We live in Southern California east of Los Angeles and this incident occurred in 1996. My wife and I were leaving home early this particular morning. It was still dark. As we were trying to get on the major highway near our home when we hit something coming out of a residential construction area. It ran extremely fast in front of the car. I had no time to stop so I hit this thing. I came to a stop as soon as possible. I told my wife I was going to get out and take a look at what I hit. She begged me not to get out. I was sure that I had hit a dog.

I stepped out and as I rounded the car the headlights of my car shone upon something that I'd never seen before. It was disturbing. I backed up a little bit and I realized what I had hit wasn't a dog. I have owned and trained large dogs for most of my life, but nothing compared to the size of this thing. Nothing about it resembled what I would say was a domesticated canine. Everything about this was wild and bulky. It had what looked like a lion's mane. It had teeth that looked like it came out of a Hollywood horror movie. I can't even begin to describe the fright I had in seeing this thing!

I backed up a bit more. I could see its teeth were unusually big and sharp and there was a pool of blood forming underneath its mouth. Its eyes were open but yet it wasn't moving. I could still see the bright amber eye color. My wife stepped out of the car and asked what it was. I said I don't know. We got in. I backed up and drove around it. I said if it's still there when we get back home we'll take a closer look.

Later that day, when we got back, it was gone. A dried pool of blood was the only evidence that remained. To this day we kept quiet about the incident.

So, 26 years later, I now felt compelled to come forward. Not because I feel guilty about the experience, but because I had another unexplained sighting.

We live in the same home as we did when the previous incident occurred. One evening, I was a few blocks away from my house going through a house that I was getting ready to sell. I am a realtor and own a real estate business.

When I was finished, I exited the front door of the house, walked to my car that was parked in the driveway, and got in. As I backed up into the street, I observed a large upright beast cross behind me. I immediately stopped and looked out the passenger window. This creature was running on two legs in between the house and the neighbor's property. I sat in the car dumbfounded by what I had just witnessed. Then I had a flashback to the incident in 1996. I quickly realized that this was either the same creature or something very similar.

That was the last time I saw this creature. But now I realize that there is an unknown upright, canine-like beast living in the area. Thinking back to the latest encounter I estimate that it easily stood 8 feet in height and it had a very human-like gait when it was running.

I have read your posts about Dogman and upright canines, and I now believe that this is what I witnessed on both occasions. If I see it again, I will inform you." JK

NOTE: I talked to the witness by telephone. He is reluctant to give his exact location at this time, only telling me that he lives in San Bernardino County. I'm sure if he has another encounter he will be contacting me. He is quite fearful about this upright canine roaming his neighborhood. Lon

Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Thanks. Lon


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Featured in this edition:

A Morea, Pennsylvania resident reports a recent sighting of an 8+ foot tall black upright canine observed by their sister and son. The witnesses state that the beast howled as it crossed the road in front of them.

Also, In the late 18th century, the Pennsylvania Dutch started to settle on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line in Carroll, Frederick & Washington Counties. Not long after setting down their new roots, tales of the Hexenwolf started to circulate. The description of this beast was similar to the Dwayyo, 'a mammalian biped with features similar to a wolf, but the stance and stature of a human.'

During the last Personal Reports show, there were several requests that I recount my personal Bigfoot encounter. I will describe the incident in detail and answer all questions.

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In this episode of 'V' host, Vincent Richardson welcomes paranormal researchers, investigators, & authors William Nighthawk & Dennis Carroll to the show. We hope to see you in the chat. Please like, subscribe, and comment.

William Nighthawk is a Wicasa Wakan ordained minister for Native American Indian and Metis people. A veteran and 32-degree Scottish Rite Free Mason with over 35 years of paranormal and cryptid creatures research and investigation. He was raised by a dark black witch parent and has lived in both worlds surviving two near-death experiences. William Nighthawk is the founder and owner of Nighthawk High Strangeness podcast channel.

Dennis W. Carroll has 55+ years in the field of study and investigation pertaining to the paranormal and the supernatural, with many personal paranormal experiences. He is a researcher and Investigator of the occult and the supernatural. He also is a scholar of the Bible, Religion, and Demonology. Dennis is a well-known authority on Folklore, Legends, Superstitions, Cryptozoology, and The Occult. He is a published Writer/Author and is currently at work on a series of adventure novels based on supernatural events. He is a speaker and does lectures and presentations on culture, folklore, myths, and legends as well as all things pertaining to the supernatural. Dennis is a Certified Paranormal Investigator (CPI). Supernaturalist, Scholar, Explorer, Legend Hunter, UFO Researcher, Author, Folklore/Historian and Demonology Consultant.

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In this episode of Phantoms & Monsters Radio, we welcome 'Tales From the Dark' Podcast hosts Bob Hicks & Brittani Clark. Please like, subscribe, and comment.

Bob & Brittani started the 'Tales From The Dark' podcast in December of 2020 where they cover all things weird! From Bigfoot and aliens to ghosts and conspiracy theories -  nothing is off-limits for our show.

Bob has been investigating the paranormal for the past 15 years and Brittani is a practicing witch and ufologist. Brittani also hosts the 'Tales From The Dark' true crime podcast where she covers the other side of horror by diving into one specific subject per season. The first season of "Black Widow Killers" is out now! 

They are also working on a documentary that will be out by the end of this year where they investigated a haunted infirmary and caught what they both believe to be some of the most convincing paranormal evidence they have ever seen.

The podcast can be found at talesfromthedark.net

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A Paranormal Life welcomes Max Hawthorne, who is an author, cryptid researcher, & screenwriter. Bernadette McDaniel (Host)

Max Hawthorne is an American author and screenwriter. Referred to as the “Prince of Paleo-fiction”, he is best known for his Kronos Rising series of sci-fi suspense thrillers, which have garnered both Book of the Year and People’s Choice awards. He is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of the cryptid research book, Monsters & Marine Mysteries, as well as Memoirs of a Gym Rat, an outrageous exposé of the health club industry, and the children’s book I Want a Tyrannosaurus for Christmas. His song, A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas, peaked at #2 on the 2021 World Indie Charts. He has been interviewed by both The Washington Post and Fangoria magazine and has appeared on QVC, Spaced Out Radio, Coast-to-Coast AM, and in A Tribe Called Quest’s rap video, I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.

Max was born in Brooklyn and attended school in Philadelphia, where he graduated from the University of the Arts. In addition to being a bestselling novelist, he is a singer/songwriter, avocational paleontologist, cryptid researcher, IGFA world-record-holding angler, and a Voting Member of the Author’s Guild. Max is an avid sportsman and conservationist. His hobbies include archery, fishing, boating, boxing, and collecting fossils and antiquities. He lives in the Greater Northeast with his wife, daughter, and a pair of enormous Siberian Forest Cats who, when they’re not stalking Max’s toes, sleep on his desk as he writes.

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