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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Unexplained 3 HOURS OF MISSING TIME After Encounter With 3 Large Orbs

A Texas man, with his friend and girlfriend, was at a nearby lake at night. They began to observe a series of large orbs over a short period of time, even though they later noticed 3 hours of missing time.

"I'm currently living with my retired cousin in Cedar Park, Texas. This is the area where I have had some very weird experiences in and around Muir Lake. I love to fish and take pictures of wildlife and whatnot. I had always been an avid hunter and fisherman. My dad taught me at a young age how to shoot a gun and to be safe with a firearm. I was not even seven years old shooting dove with a 20 gauge pump Winchester shotgun. I have seen black panthers in Mississippi and I've seen big black wolves in Texas.

My experience happened right around the corner from where I'm living. They're working on a million-dollar park for a year now which is based around Muir Lake where I fish this little lake was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in the late 1950s. Anyway, about nine o'clock at night last year, it was late September or early October, I asked my cousin Tony and his girlfriend if they wanted to go fishing. He responded, "So you want to find the boogeyman?" snickering back at me.I said, "Yeah, sure." So we got into his van and went to the other side of the dam. There's a nice little place to fish. We got there, and sat in the van for a minute or two, just talking.

Tony and I got our gear and walked to the back of the water. His girlfriend was still getting stuff out of the van. I asked Tony if he had any extra hooks and weights in his tackle box and he obliged. When he flipped open his latch his tackle box rolled over and down to the edge of the water. So I'm trying to get my phone light on so he can see. When he was gathering his stuff I happened to notice a bright light by the road. It seemed like it was hovering about eight feet off the ground. I said, "Look at that Tony." He says that's just a street light. I said no it's not because it started descending and zigzagging back and forth.

By that time his girlfriend was walking back from the van and telling me to shut my phone light off. She said that someone was asking her if she had a cigarette. She thinks that there are some homeless people coming in and setting up camp. I yelled out, "Can I help you?" At this point, there were no signs of this light that I saw, and where we were there are only two street lights that are visible. It's fairly warm that night no wind or rain and pretty much clear. But there was just enough light coming from the street light so you can still make out things.

When I was walking back to the front of the van Tony, with a machete in one hand, with his girlfriend I noticed that the same light in the woods was on the other side of us about 50 feet away. I know these woods like the back of my hand and if anybody's walking through here I would have heard their feet crunching on the dry leaves. I said look there it is again. This bright orb was probably eight feet off the ground and the size of a volleyball, but in the middle of it it looked like a watery shimmer and the outside was like a halo.

All of a sudden I see two more appear on each side of this one which was about a foot below the other one, which in contrast makes the other two approximately seven feet off the ground. They were still believing that it was homeless people. I called out, "Can I help you?" Of course, no response again. We're all just standing in front of the van. There was nothing making a sound.

Then suddenly this air pump went off from a paint and body shop that is 150 yards or more from us. It scared the crap out of us. We're still standing in front of the van staring at these bright glowing orbs when the two that were still hovering at seven feet go from the size of a basketball to the size of a marble. Then they vanish and the other one finally disappears.

At this point, I realized that I still have my phone in my hand the whole time during this event and I did not once think about taking a picture or video of it. After the lights were gone I turned to Tony and told him that I was ready to go back to the house. I just remember getting into his van and sitting down in the back seat. I know for a fact that this entire event could not have been over an hour because we just live around the corner from where this incident occurred. We left at 9 pm and we looked at the clock we got back and it was going on 12 midnight. We didn't even throw a line in the water."

NOTE: Strange account. The incident seemed to last for a short period of time, but when they returned to the nearby house, 3 hours had passed since they had left to go fishing. Was it an abduction or distortion of time? Your thoughts? Lon

Transcribed source: The Fact by Howtohunt.com


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Since then, she has been exploring the universe in ways she could never imagine possible. Lily now initiates contact with these otherworldly beings and has become a channel for their messages. They have taught her many curiosities about the universe, spirituality, how to develop psychic gifts, and what it truly means to be human. Lily has discovered so much about who we are, and where we are heading as a species.

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