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Monday, January 16, 2023

Tall Black Hooded SATAN WORSHIPPERS Terrify Columbia, Alabama Teens!

The witness claims he, his friend, and two girls, had gone out to a wooded property one night in December 2016. It was known as a hangout for Satan worshippers. What they saw is horrific!

"In Columbia, Alabama there's a place that was right down the road that me and a couple of my buddies and their girlfriends and a girl that I was actually talking to at the time. We went to a place called Columbia Manor. Basically, it was just like this little, I don't even know how to put it, kid's place, that little kids go to get scared. We were just bored so we figured we'd go try it out.

Well, it ended up being a huge waste of money and we ended up actually leaving there and thrill-seeking for something else. So we were told about this place, on a little dirt road that supposedly had a satanic worship spot on it. We ended up going down this dirt road it was me, my buddy, like I said, and my other buddy. They actually went home at the time so it was just me he and two girls left and, of course, he and I wanted to be big ballers and act like we weren't scared of anything.

So the place that was in the woods, you actually had to climb a barbed wire fence to get to it. So I and he went first, of course, and they kind of stayed back behind us a little bit. Whenever you climbed the first barbed wire fence, we actually had flashlights on, and if we wouldn't have flashlights we kind of would have been screwed because they had bear traps, like, I mean, everywhere. There was just a row of bear traps surrounding this place and it was kind of crazy because I mean we don't have bears in Alabama. So we were stepping over the bear traps making sure we didn't hit anything, or get caught up in any of them because if we would have done that, we would have been... we'd have been goners. I mean it's the middle of Alabama. There was no service where we were at. We were kind of already freaked out.

He and I were scared, but we didn't... we didn't really let it get to our heads. We didn't want to act like we were scared in front of the two girls, so we kept on going. There was a little building out in the middle of absolutely nowhere in this field and we went inside this building because the door was open. There were no lights and we shined our flashlights on the walls. On the walls were porn magazines, like naked women images, taped all over the place. Also, broken CDs, when the light hit it, would just blind your eyes, for how many CDs they were on the wall. It was actually really like kind of creepy and in the middle of it, there was, like, I guess you could call it, like an altar spot, right in the middle. There was a skeleton of a dead cat on the altar.

Paige, the girl that I was with at the time, she actually stepped on a nail on the floor and screamed. And when she screamed, we heard something at the back of the house just rustling around. So, of course, I and my buddy go check it out. This is before I could open or conceal carry. I didn't have a gun with me. We had no means of protection whatsoever and we peek out the window of this place in the back of this place, there were people in black cloaks that were abnormally tall! It was actually kind of crazy how tall they were and that scared me a lot. They were dancing around the fire and one of them had a chicken in their hand and they were dancing. They weren't like like hip-hop dancing, like breaking down, they were, like, weird kind of traditional dancing just around the fire holding hands and speaking a really weird language. We could hear them from the house and that scared us even more so we got out of there and we start running. Everybody's running and making sure we don't trip over the bear traps, all kinds of stuff.

As soon as we get back to the car it was like this beam of light just comes straight up out of the ground and I'm talking about, there's a curve that this place leads into and I’m talking about we didn't see any type of headlights coming around the curve. I’m talking about this thing that just appeared out of absolute nowhere and as crazy as it's going to sound, there was a yellow Miata (sports car). I remember that clear as day and it gives me goosebumps. I was scared to death. I will not go back there. This Miata, he's coming around this corner and it was just like he literally just came out of the ground. Man, I mean, like just as fast as the speed of light, it comes out of the ground and he almost hits my friend as he's pulling up.

So my friend, of course, gets pissed off and runs up to the car acting like a badass out of hell. He's like, "Man, you need to watch where the heck you're going!" This dude lets down his windows and I tell you (I’m talking about pure shivers right now in my body) when I saw his face, his eyes were just like gaping black holes and he talked to us. At first, he was mumbling in an unknown language. I didn't understand and I was trying to be hard-ass at this point because I didn't know what the hell was going on. I said, "Excuse me" and he said. "You all need to get the f*ck out of here and y'all do not need to come back!" We listened to him because he just looked like pure evil and it absolutely scared the bejesus out of me." 

Transcribed source: Monsters Among Us Podcast - Sn. 12 Ep. 12 - Yowies, cults, witches and an alien took my baby. Uploaded Dec 02, 2021


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