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Thursday, January 12, 2023

SKINWALKER Stalks Navajo Teens Sleeping in Old Tent

A Navajo teen is at the family property in New Mexico. He and his cousin are sleeping at night in an old tent when an unknown figure is staring at them. The cousin recognizes it as a Skinwalker.

I recently received the following account:

"This happened to me when I was 14 years old. I haven't told anyone about this because we aren't supposed to talk about Skinwalkers in my culture. If you talk about this they gain an attraction towards you and will focus on you according to our beliefs.

I am a Navajo man from Arizona and I was raised on the Rez. I somewhat know what they are and know about them. We take them very seriously. If one is seen and the Navajo Police will come out to investigate the area. Anyway, I saw one.

My family and I live in Arizona and we occasionally visit family near Farmington, New Mexico. We left early to get there by noon. It is a very long and boring trip there. We get there before noon and we have time to socialize and talk with our extended family. The younger kids and teens start to play and explore around until dusk. The house is too small for everyone to hang out and sleep in. Some of the kids have to sleep in the trailer and truck camper. My cousins and I stayed in the old slightly torn tent.

It's nighttime, around 9 pm, and all of us get ready for bed. It had been a long day and we were tired. We are asleep at this point and for some unknown reason, I wake up. Of course, I'm still tired and rubbing my eyes while yawning, meaning I wasn't aware of my surroundings. Once I finish rubbing my eyes, I look at the entrance of the tent and see a figure illuminated by the backlight porch, standing in front of the tent. At first, I was scared but thought it was my other cousins just messing with us. As I was thinking this, I thought why would they go through this much trouble of staying up late, to have the off chance of us waking up and seeing them.

As this person was still standing outside our tent, looking at us, I turn to one of my older cousins, to wake him up and tell him that someone was standing outside our tent. He tries to brush me off but I persist and he turns to me and asks what I wanted. I tell him to look at the entrance of the tent and he does. I have never seen someone go from the brink of sleep to sheer panic that fast before or since. He looks at me with a shocked face and tells me to be quiet. He whispers to me that it's a Skinwalker and that we need to be quiet.

We lay there for the longest time and from my memory, it was at least an hour or more. We were just about to go back to sleep because it hadn't done anything. Then it started to walk around the tent, at a pace insanely slow that it kept us up. Remember when I said this was an old tent? It had some holes in it. One of the holes was the size of a quarter and I decided to be 'brave.' As it continues to walk around the tent a fourth time, I slowly crawl towards the hole and try to take a look. As I did this my cousin told me to get back to bed or it'll hurt us. I ignore this warning. I am at the quarter-size hole and looking out to see whatever it was. It comes around to the hole and what I saw was bone-chilling!

I was looking at its lower half and not its face. What I saw were darkened dirt-covered legs and some kind of makeshift animal pelt. I bolt back and hide under my sleeping bag while my cousin did the same. This thing decided to stop moving and start looking at us again as if it knew that I saw it and was letting me know. It continues to stand still again at the entrance and watch us. I hid under the covers, so scared that I believe that I was in shock! I finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

I woke up early, maybe around 5 am, and I decided to look outside the tent to see if there was anything there. I see footprints. Bare footprints, that send shivers throughout my body. I saw the footprints move around the tent, this hit me hard because I was now realizing it wasn't a dream. As I further investigate the footprints, I notice that it went off toward the rocky hills nearby where we were staying at. I follow the track to the hills, about 100 yards away from the house.

As I continue to follow the tracks, something strange and frightening happens. It goes from two footprints walking for a while, to footprints and handprints in the dirt.  found that kind of strange because no person would do that out here. As I followed the tracks further in the hills, the prints started to get smaller and smaller. This is when I started to get scared again. It slowly changed into coyote paw prints. That is when I stopped and turned back home, first walking fast then onto a sprint.

When I got to the house, I sat down on the back porch for a while and thought about telling my family. But I didn't think they would believe me. In the end, I didn't tell anyone, even the cousin I woke up in the middle of the night. It seemed outlandish and sounded like what a kid would tell to get attention.

That's my story. My people take witchcraft very seriously and do our best to not talk about them. Even though I broke this code, I refrain from saying anything out loud. I have had a few other incidents, but this is by far the scariest." HM


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