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Monday, January 23, 2023

Reincarnation of an Ancient Egyptian Priestess

A London-born woman would become the subject of controversy, notoriety, and interest. She would do so by claiming herself a reborn ancient Egyptian priestess.

Three-year-old Dorothy Eady was playing and then accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. She hit her head and was knocked unconscious. When her parents found her she wasn't breathing. They called a doctor who rushed over immediately. Dorothy's mother broke down when the doctor said there was nothing he could do, that her little girl was dead. The doctor left and returned an hour later with Dorothy's death certificate and solemnly discussed arrangements for the little girl's body.

But during this conversation shuffling was heard coming from Dorothy's room. They ran upstairs and there she was playing in a room like nothing had happened. The doctor examined her again. There was no sign of injury. He had no explanation. He said it appeared as if Dorothy had come back from the dead. Little did he realize how right he was.

Dorothy Eady was born in London in 1904. Until her fall down the stairs and her resurrection, she was a normal little girl. But after the fall she started having night terrors. Her mother would wake her and Dorothy would tell her about the dream. She was living in a huge columned building surrounded by trees and green gardens. It was always the same dream and Dorothy would tell her mother the same thing, "I want to go home." When her mother would tell her that she is home Dorothy would become frustrated and depressed.

Sometimes Dorothy's parents would find her pouting under the dining room table. They'd ask what was wrong and it was always the same answer, "I want to go home." When she was asked where home was Dorothy would say she didn't know, she just knew she wanted to get back there.

After the fall Dorothy would occasionally speak with a heavy foreign accent. This was so unsettling that Dorothy's parents had trouble finding a sitter. When Dorothy was four her parents planned a day at the British Museum. They couldn't find anyone to watch their daughter so they brought her along. That's when things got really strange.

As expected four-year-old Dorothy was bored in the museum. She moped, she dragged her feet, and she acted like most four-year-olds would act. But Dorothy's mood drastically changed when they reached the Egyptian exhibit. Dorothy was dazzled by the artifacts but when she saw the Egyptian statues she tore herself from her mother's grip and ran wildly through the halls. Dorothy was running from statue to statue kissing their feet and yelling at people for wearing shoes in the presence of gods! Dorothy's mother was mortified at her daughter's behavior.

But then Dorothy suddenly stopped and became silent. Dorothy's parents found her in front of a glass case frozen. She was staring at the face of an Egyptian mummy. Dorothy's mother picked her up but she got upset. Then in a voice that sounded like an old woman, Dorothy said these are my people. It took Dorothy's parents a few hours to finally drag her out of the museum. But whenever the family had free time they would go back to the Egyptian exhibit, the only place where Dorothy they felt happy and peaceful.

When Dorothy was seven her father bought her a children's encyclopedia about ancient Egypt. Dorothy spent hours studying hieroglyphics with a magnifying glass. Her mother asked what she was doing. Dorothy would say I'm trying to remember. While reading a science magazine Dorothy came across a picture of a temple built for the Pharaoh Seti I, the father of Ramses II. The city was named Abydos. Dorothy was confused. She asked her mother where all the trees were and all the green gardens. Dorothy's mother asked her what is this place. Dorothy smiled the biggest smile she ever had in her entire life and pointed to the picture of Seti's Temple in Abydos and said, "Mama, this is my home."

As Dorothy got older her memories became more clear. It was just a matter of time before Dorothy Eady would find out who she really was three thousand years ago.

Dorothy Eady was very outspoken about reincarnation. She spoke about it openly and didn't care what anybody thought. This was a problem for a teenage girl in the 1920s. Her parents tolerated what they thought was just an eccentricity but other people weren't so forgiving. One Sunday afternoon a priest showed up at the Eady's door. The priest said that Dorothy was no longer welcome at Sunday School. She had refused to sing a hymn that spoke poorly about Egypt. But the last straw was when Dorothy argued with the Sunday School teacher that Christianity was based on the old religion of Egypt.

Dorothy had been spending so much time in the British Museum that Egyptologist Sir E. A. Wallis Budge got to know her and started teaching her how to read hieroglyphics. Unsurprisingly she picked it up very quickly, like freakishly quickly. Dorothy's dreams continued this whole time though. She wasn't frightened anymore.

When Dorothy was about 15 she would wake up in the middle of the night. Almost every night she heard the voice of a man named Hora who asked her to write down everything he said. She would then go into a trance neither sleeping nor awake and scribble notes and hieroglyphics. When she woke up she had no idea what she had written. It wasn't even her handwriting and after a year of this, she had 70 handwritten pages. She was finally able to piece together that this was the story of her life in ancient Egypt.

She was an Egyptian woman named Bentreshyt who was born in Abydos. She came from a humble background. Her father was a soldier who served during the reign of Seti I. Her mother was a vegetable seller. when she was two years old her mother died. Unable to care for Bentreshyt, her father placed her in the temple of Kom El Sultan where she would be raised to become a priestess. When she was 12 years old she was given two choices. She could either leave the temple and go out into the world on her own or become a consecrated virgin and stay at the temple. Bentreshyt decided to take the vows a few years later.

She met Pharaoh Seti I and they had an affair. When she became pregnant with the child of the Pharaoh she had no choice but to tell the high priest about her relationship. The high priest told her that her sin against Isis was so severe that she would be tried and likely sentenced to death in order to protect the Pharaoh from a scandal. Bentreshyt avoided the trial by taking her own life.

Dorothy finally understood everything that was happening to her. For the next few years, she worked at various jobs. But then she got her big break in 1931 a position opened up in London writing for an Egyptian public relations magazine. Dorothy used her new position at the magazine to advocate for Egyptian nationalism and full independence. While working for the magazine she began corresponding with a wealthy Egyptian man named Emam Abdel Meguid. In 1933 Meguid proposed. She accepted and finally traveled to Egypt for the first time in her reincarnated life. When she stepped off the boat in Cairo she fell to her knees and kissed the ground. She wept and said that she was finally home.

NOTE: There is so much more to Dorothy's life that I cannot do proper justice to her story. You can read about her at Dorothy Eady and the Reincarnation of Omm Sety. Her life story is a remarkable account. Lon


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