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Monday, January 16, 2023



New evidence has been found by another individual claiming that at least one Bigfoot resides in the Sideling Hill Tunnel along the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike near Breezewood, PA.

I recently received the following information and photo:

"I recently found a large footprint and broken trees in an area I'm familiar with. I had a strange feeling come over me in the area also. I believe I know where the creature is hunting and staying in an old tunnel in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. The location is between Breezewood and Wells Tannery.

There are two abandoned turnpike tunnels in the area. I believe there at least two creatures. It is an isolated area but yet close to the human population. I think not too many people go deep in the tunnel like I do. I have spent 46 years in the woods hunting and fishing. I found trees bent over diverting deer trails. I've heard some strange screams and the deer in the area act out of character. The deer are always bedding in open areas it seems or on edge of them, but when they run they scatter in all directions.

Just thought you would maybe shed some light on things. It has my attention. There have been sightings in surrounding areas over the years. When I go back in I'll get some photos of trees and trails." PK

I previously received the following information in June 2021:

A group of friends was exploring the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike near Breezewood, PA at night when they encounter eye shine coming closer to them. They believe it may have been a Bigfoot.

"My two friends and I decided to go to tunnel 2 (Sideling Hill Tunnel along the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike near Breezewood, PA) which is like the shortest walk, but that is because you have to park in the middle of literally nowhere, and walk through a dense wood line.

We get out of our car and start to walk up the path to the tunnel and my friend (we’ll call him N) has this huge and high-power spotlight which I was using because he was checking out my little TAC flashlight. N’s spotlight can reach like half a mile. It's crazy. So I decided to flash it back toward my other friend, R’s car.

I see these two eyes in the woods behind the car, like halfway up this tree. After seeing it, we decided to walk back toward it. We don't see the eyes so we assume it was an animal or something and it ran off.

My friend has my light and says, "It's over here now. It came close to us!" It was a 100% humanoid head. We even saw the arms.

So R at this point gets scared as hell and goes, "let's get back to the car!" We are, at this point, like 100 yards from the car.

We get to the break of the dense wood path, probably 75 yards from the car and I see the eyes again with the spotlight. They are now even closer to us. It seemed to be 7 feet in height assume. At this point, we all have our knives out because we're scared shitless.

R goes, "We gotta get to our car, but it's right there on the other side of the road!"

We get to the metal rebar that blocks the path so no one can drive their cars through the tunnels and we don't see the eyes. We stop and are like scanning the wood line on the other side of the road. I notice to our left an eye peeking at us and it darts back behind the tree. Then it looks again and I see a humanoid head and arm and it darts back behind the tree.

At this point, we book it for the car. We get in the car and N winds down the back window and starts scanning with his light. We see it like 20 yards from the car. We see its head, its arm, and its foot. Again it hides behind the tree. R is in like full panic because it keeps getting closer so he floored it out of there.

N vouches it was a Bigfoot. R to this day says he has no idea what it was and he doesn't want to think about it. Honestly, I want to say it was a Bigfoot, but I'm so skeptical about that kind of stuff. I genuinely do not know what it was.

It was 7-8 feet tall and kept getting closer to us. It was not an owl and was not a bear. And it was not a human because human eyes do not refract light like this did, so it wasn't a human. N refuses to even go back to the tunnels. He's that scared.

Probably one of the most terrifying moments of my life. It wasn't even that scary but we were all talking on the drive home about how we all felt dread/horror, even as we pulled up to the trail before we even saw the eyes. We all agreed we'd never had such a strange feeling in our entire lives. Like an immediate insurmountable dread right as we got out of the car.

It also wasn’t a good idea that we decided to go at like 2 am." BM

The witness later stated:

"It was very tall, black (but it was at night), with glowing eyes. It looked pretty slender, but all we really saw was its head and an arm since it kept hiding behind trees. We couldn’t really tell if it had hair or not because of how dark it was in the woods and we were panicking. I would say it was scared of us because it seemed to be hiding from us but it kept getting closer so we didn’t want to stick around and find out." BM


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Cam Hale was born and raised in Texas and comes from a long family heritage of Texans that can be traced back to before the Lone Star State gained its independence. Growing up in a rural country town he spent the majority of his time outdoors. Receiving his first taste of archery at the age of 5, he started down a path that lead him on solo camping and hunting trips across the state as well as many other states.  Like most, his fascination with the strange and unusual started young with shows like In Search Of and Unsolved Mysteries. Diving deeper into these subjects at his local library only fueled the flames that led him to where he is today. With an open mind and adventurous heart, Cam looks to present the stories of the strange in a fun and intriguing manner. Cam still lives in the great state of Texas with his wife and two children.

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