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Monday, January 16, 2023

MYSTERY CREATURE Observed in Rural Jessamine County, Kentucky

A reader, who was working as a temporary UPS delivery person during the holidays, observes an unknown creature while making deliveries in Jessamine County, KY gated community.

I recently received the following account:

"I enjoy your website and I read it every day for updates. I believe people deserve to know there are unknown species around us.

I live in central Kentucky and a couple years ago, I was working a temporary job with UPS. During the Christmas season, they hire temporary workers as "driver assistants" who ride along next to them and help run packages to doors. This was during December. We were driving around delivering to a rich neighborhood in rural Jessamine County, KY. It was a rich gated subdivision out in the country, which is quite common here. We sometimes spent hours in these places.

So we were in one of these communities around 7 PM and it was already dark. We pull around this cul-de-sac, and the headlights are on. By the side of this house, it illuminates an animal I had never seen before. It was the size of a medium dog, with shortish grey fur, and a medium-length tail. It was slinking along the side of the house into the dark backyard when we saw it. It clearly did not intend to be seen. I was like, 'DID YOU SEE THAT?' and the driver said it was the biggest possum he had ever seen in his life. This thing was the size of a medium dog. I can only describe it as looking like a giant ferret or weasel. I saw its head and it had the same snout type. We only saw it illuminated for 2 or 3 seconds and it retreated into the darkness.

Before anyone says it was a marten or a fisher, those do not occur in Kentucky and they never have, not even anywhere close. Those are Canadian and Northeast species, and I'm lifelong familiar with coyotes. It was not a coyote.

Some background. The subdivision bordered a vast farmland area, and was also very close to the river bottoms." TB

NOTE: Does anybody have an idea as to what it was? Lon


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