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Tuesday, January 24, 2023


A Vancouver B.C. investigator has contacted me in reference to evidence he has found that may have a connection to dead wildlife and missing persons along the British Columbia coast.

I initially received the following email with 4 images attached:

"I'm a private investigator hired to find evidence of a person that's gone missing without a trace, only to find, after a more than six-year investigation, evidence of large clawed creatures that could very well be eating people. 

The attached photos show a large claw print in the sand that was found among others next to a headless seal, a large claw print cut into solid stone, a cave made by something with large claws that has a blood-soaked entrance with a bloody claw print on the cave wall above it, and 3 separate scat samples from a large animal, believed to be one of these creatures, one of which contains what looks very much like a human fingernail.

The authorities have ignored me, yet people in the areas where I've collected this evidence continue to go missing.

I've posted 4 videos showing this evidence on my Facebook page if you're interested." DS

I asked for more details and received the following information: 

"Hi, Lon,

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2016 I came upon a headless seal on a nearby beach. There were giant claw prints all around it.

In 2022, while camping in Squamish, B.C., I discovered claw prints cut into the top of a granite boulder with other unusual marks in the stone. 

I've since gone camping in Powell River, B.C., and discovered a cave off Powell Lake, made by something with large claws where the entrance to it was soaked in blood, with one very large claw mark in blood on the wall of the cave. I only looked at an area maybe a couple hundred feet around this lake from the public beach and there were dozens and dozens of large claw marks coming out of the water and onto shore in various places.

Lately, I have been returning to the beach in Richmond, B.C. where I found the headless seal and the public park it's attached to and found copious amounts of evidence of a large aquatic creature that's coming out of the ocean on a daily basis to feed on seals, ducks, and the migrating snow geese. 

Not only are there large digs in the hard ground everywhere, made by a creature with big claws, but the remains of dead animals are all over the park. Coyotes are the largest predators in the area, and I've never seen one in that park, but the claw prints are way too big to be coyotes or even a large dog. These digs in the ground are larger than bears or cougars, neither of which are anywhere near the area.

It's from that park that I've collected 3 separate scat samples (large scat droppings) one containing what looks like a human fingernail that I hope to have tested.

So, in answer to your question, there's current hard evidence of their existence from Richmond B.C., so far, up to Powell River (though it's still an ongoing investigation).

Interestingly enough, where I've found evidence of these creatures, it matches the locations of people who have gone missing without a trace. DS"

Here are the Facebook video links:





NOTE: So folks, I'd like your assessment on this. For many years, there have been many supposed missing persons along the British Columbia and Washington coasts and interior. There have been a large number of body parts, particularly feet in running shoes, found washed up on shore. A lot of conjecture and theories have been offered during that time period.

I'm interested in what you think is going on, especially with the information that this investigator has provided.


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