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Saturday, January 07, 2023

'GLIMMER MAN' Follows Fleeing Teens In Dark Woods

Two teenage friends spend the night in the nearby woods, only to observe a 'glimmer man' watching them. They start to leave the woods but soon realize that they are being followed.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This occurred back in the early 1990s when I was a teenager. My parents were not strict so I had a lot of freedom. One of my friend's parents owned a huge part of a nearby woods where we would spend much of our time. We built a makeshift hut, so this place became our 'sanctuary' for a long time.

One friend spent the night at our sanctuary, which none of us had ever done before. We only hung out there during the day and then went home. Because of this, we all planned to spend the night together because it would be fun. Some of our friends weren't allowed to spend the night there though because of their parents and the others just chickened out because they were afraid. So it was just me and one other kid, my friend's cousin. We weren't close at the time and fought a lot. But surprisingly we got along well that night.

At around 11 PM, about 10 minutes after laying down in our sleeping bags, we heard rustling. I set up and saw a very tall silhouette of something that looked to be human-like. But the weird part was that it was also transparent! I could see right through it. I squinted and froze. It very quickly climbed up a nearby tall tree. When it reach a large bough, it stopped moving and simply disappeared! I was in complete disbelief and shock. I had no idea if this was real or if I hallucinated it. I wasn't scared, actually more perplexed. I said to my friend that we should leave and not wanting it to hear me I got close to his ear and said there was something in the woods looking at us. After I said that I saw his facial expression turn into fear. So we got up and started walking down the path toward the edge of the woods. We did so calmly. I didn't want to sprint because it might give chase.

Very shortly after we started leaving we both experienced this weird feeling of deja vu and confusion. It was like we were hit with hard drugs or something, even though we didn't use drugs and only ate food from home. I did have a small flashlight. I felt disoriented but we continued to walk in this direction for quite a while, stumbling in the darkness. Because of our mental state and I realized we should have been out of the forest by now. I knew this was the way out after going in and out of this place for years, even in the dark. I didn't recognize the trees and landscape around us, just the path. It was like our surroundings were changing. 

Then my friend sees the transparent thing I saw earlier. It was perched on a tree branch in front of us. He pointed it out to me. I told him that is what I had seen earlier. We stopped and watched it. It had a heatwave effect. We stared at it for 10 seconds in disbelief. It looked like a transparent being, but there was a defined edge around it. It then quickly climbed up the tree a little more and then jumped into the next tree. It was completely silent.  As well, the woods were completely silent.

Then, for some unknown reason, we both panicked and started to run. The surroundings still seemed foreign, but we just wanted to get away from this unknown being. We were beginning to wonder if we had gotten turned around at some point because we should have been out of the woods by this time.

But, as soon as we started to fear that we were lost, we suddenly began to recognize where we were. We exited the woods and quickly made our way to each of our homes.

The next day, we all met back at the sanctuary. My new friend and I described to everyone what had happened to us the previous night. There was a lot of kidding and teasing, but there was also a sense that each of us knew that something unexplained has actually occurred.

Gradually, each of us started to spend less time in the woods together. We all seemed to drift apart and found new friends over time. I occasionally wonder if the encounter with the transparent being was the reason why our friendship faded away." JK

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