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Monday, January 02, 2023

Frightening 'GLIMMER MAN' ENCOUNTER Recalled By Colorado Park Security Guard

A security guard at a Colorado tourist location recalls his experience with a 'glimmer man' entity while on late-night guard duty. Later, a former coworker describes his personal encounter.

I recently received the following account:

"Back in 2012, I was working for a small security company. We were contracted to work at a tourist location called Broadmoor Seven Falls near Colorado Springs in the Cheyenne Mountain Canyon area. I remember shifts being grueling, due to the fact that we were in direct sunlight until the afternoon and evening, and on an average shift, we were expected to walk a minimum of 7-8 miles between the base of the parking area to the top, the falls. Rarely were we allowed using the guest elevator for the handicapped and elderly. The whole park was on a hilly incline, so walking the top down was okay, but bottom-up was exhausting.

In the evening near the base of the falls, native Ute or Cheyenne tribal dancers would perform and we had to monitor crowds. These Falls were frequented by area tribes for hundreds of years and were still considered spiritual. So it was the native tribes that pushed for the performances.

Since Seven Falls is considered a state park at the end of the night we would sit at the main entrance into the falls at the bottom of the canyon and monitor the toll booth. During weekends and holidays, we were out there until 3 AM. On several occasions when waiting for the end of my shifts I always had occurrences that made me feel like I was going to get attacked by either an animal or a person. We would hear hissing sounds and groans. Sometimes there were glowing eyes, either red or white in color, but larger than area wildlife. These could be seen from behind the bushes and tree canopies. But what stuck with me were the shimmering humanoid shapes. The shimmering was otherworldly. The way I always described it to my family and a few friends was like that of the 'Predator' film alien when it cloaked.

My first work firearm was an older Smith and Wesson semi-automatic single-stack pistol that was my dad's when he worked for the local police department. But I still felt I was defenseless. I watched this shimmering silhouette crawl on the asphalt over to the toll booth. After then it appeared to stand upright and extend a long waving arm. This looked like an entity between the physical and incorporeal realms. As I shifted my weight to get a closer look  I was struck by the glowing reddish eyes. I then watched as the entity jumped to a tree no less than 20 feet away. From here the entity jumped again. This time a broken branch fell from the tree creating a loud crashing sound. The entity looked back one last time before going over the gate and disappearing into the park.

In May of 2022, an old coworker and I ran into each other while at Walmart. we decided to go to the nearby diner next door and talk about the good old days. During the conversation, he asks if I ever saw the 'Predator' and its camouflage at Seven Falls? My blood ran cold. He then proceeded to tell me about his experience on his shifts that I'd never heard. After leaving the diner and arriving home I sat in the driveway for a moment contemplating what inhabits park." PP

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Dennis W. Carroll has 55+ years in the field of study and investigation pertaining to the paranormal and the supernatural, with many personal paranormal experiences. He is a researcher and Investigator of the occult and the supernatural. He also is a scholar of the Bible, Religion, and Demonology. Dennis is a well-known authority on Folklore, Legends, Superstitions, Cryptozoology, and The Occult. He is a published Writer/Author and is currently at work on a series of adventure novels based on supernatural events. He is a speaker and does lectures and presentations on culture, folklore, myths, and legends as well as all things pertaining to the supernatural. Dennis is a Certified Paranormal Investigator (CPI). Supernaturalist, Scholar, Explorer, Legend Hunter, UFO Researcher, Author, Folklore/Historian and Demonology Consultant.

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Max Hawthorne is an American author and screenwriter. Referred to as the “Prince of Paleo-fiction”, he is best known for his Kronos Rising series of sci-fi suspense thrillers, which have garnered both Book of the Year and People’s Choice awards. He is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of the cryptid research book, Monsters & Marine Mysteries, as well as Memoirs of a Gym Rat, an outrageous exposé of the health club industry, and the children’s book I Want a Tyrannosaurus for Christmas. His song, A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas, peaked at #2 on the 2021 World Indie Charts. He has been interviewed by both The Washington Post and Fangoria magazine and has appeared on QVC, Spaced Out Radio, Coast-to-Coast AM, and in A Tribe Called Quest’s rap video, I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.

Max was born in Brooklyn and attended school in Philadelphia, where he graduated from the University of the Arts. In addition to being a bestselling novelist, he is a singer/songwriter, avocational paleontologist, cryptid researcher, IGFA world-record-holding angler, and a Voting Member of the Author’s Guild. Max is an avid sportsman and conservationist. His hobbies include archery, fishing, boating, boxing, and collecting fossils and antiquities. He lives in the Greater Northeast with his wife, daughter, and a pair of enormous Siberian Forest Cats who, when they’re not stalking Max’s toes, sleep on his desk as he writes.

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