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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Experiencer Recalls UFO ABDUCTION & POSSIBLE IMPREGNATION Near Asheville NC Airport

A Henderson County, NC woman recalls her encounter with a saucer-shaped craft near the Asheville Airport. She believes that she was abducted and possibly impregnated during 90 minutes of lost time.

I recently received the following account:

"I had an experience in the early 1980s while driving home in Hendersonville County, North Carolina. This happened just before daybreak on a warm summer morning. I was driving south on Highway 26. I had just dropped my husband off at work and was heading home. The morning light was still low and it was a bit foggy so I was driving cautiously in the right lane. as I was passing the Asheville Airport exit I saw a large bright light high in the sky coming down vertically directly in front of me. I remember thinking that airplane is off course and headed in the wrong direction. It looked like it was trying to make a landing on the interstate.

I pulled over next to the guardrail and turned my radio volume down low as the light came closer. It stopped and hovered just above the interstate about a hundred and fifty yards away from me. Then the craft slowly made a sharp right turn and moved to the east of me to hover about one hundred and fifty feet above the dairy farm below. This property is now the golf course at the Asheville Airport. The craft was only about 50 yards from the guardrail now and where I sat in my car I was mesmerized. I rolled down my window and turned off my car. I could hear the noise of the craft pulsing and whirring. It did not look or sound anything like the airplanes I had seen and heard flying at the Asheville Airport over the years. The craft was flat on the bottom and domed in an upside-down saucer shape. It was huge at least the length of a football field and as it pulled alongside me on my right the bright light on the front of the craft was behind my view inside the car as it illuminated the pasture and the trees. Beneath the craft, I could also see that there were three smaller lights on the side that I was now facing. It was a red light flanked by two small blue lights located at the bottom of the disc. I could also see faint lights of the Asheville Airport runway in the background. I remember thinking it must be some type of top-secret aircraft being tested by the Air Force.

I got out of the car and walked around to the back and over to the guardrail. I stood there for some time just staring at it and trying to rationalize what I was seeing. Why had the airport control not called the Highway Patrol I thought to myself? Why is no one stopping? Why is there no response from police or emergency services? All of these questions ran through my mind as I stood there for several minutes staring at the craft and waiting to see what it would do next. I felt like I was in some kind of a trance or hypnotic state.

That was the last thing I remember until 90 minutes later when I found myself sitting in my car with both windows rolled up and the radio blaring. The car was running, the heat was on high, and I was drenched in sweat, but then it was full daylight and cars were zooming past me. I was dazed and confused as I drove home emotionally shaken, crying, and generally terrified. I was also in intense pain, so I went to bed immediately and I slept for several hours due to the stress. It felt like I had been raped and the pain in my lower abdomen was excruciating.

I never said anything to my husband or anyone else for that matter for many years until now about a month later after this incident. Years later, I had a very painful miscarriage which I feel was associated with the incident. I don't know what happened during these 90 minutes of lost time but I believe I was taken on board and I was impregnated. I will never know for sure. I did not see or come in contact with any creatures that I know of because I don't have any memory of the 90 minutes. But this I do know, whatever happened to me was against my will and it was very painful it has taken me many years to get my head wrapped around what actually happened to me. It has not been until the advent of the internet and YouTube that I have come to understand there are others who have had worse experiences with abductions. Can I prove that I was abducted? No. But I do know this if this was an alien craft the creatures inside it were malevolent and very dangerous. I believe they are demonic in nature and for anyone to think that aliens are here to help us is naive. Thanks for your time. KL"


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In this episode of Phantoms & Monsters Radio, we welcome Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigators & researchers Carter Buschardt, Thomas Carroll, & Chad Redding for a team update discussion. Please like, subscribe, and comment.

Carter Buschardt has been an investigator with BFRO for the last 13 years. Originally from Texas and currently lives in Missouri. He has had nearly 100 reports published to the BFRO website and has interviewed over 400 witnesses and counting. He is an experienced outdoorsman and trained as an investigator for MUFON. He studied herpetology in college. Longtime special interest in Sasquatch long-term habituation sites, burial research, infrasound, language, and stick structures. He is a true, boots-on-the-ground researcher/investigator and not a desktop warrior. He has met and visited the properties of nearly half of the witnesses whose reports have been published. He monitors and visits several properties with ongoing habituation activity to this day.

Author of 5 books, Sasquatch: Evidence of an Enigma I, II & III with 2nd editions of first two books. Carter is an active member of the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team. His website can be found at www.relichominid.com


Thomas Carroll is a resident of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and an avid outdoorsman & hunter. He joined Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research about a year ago and has already been involved with several investigations in western Pennsylvania. Thomas also hosts the Forgotten Faces Podcast which focuses on the Korean War.


Chad M. Redding grew up in the Pigeon Hills region of western York County, Pennsylvania. A lifetime of roaming the woods, hills, and hollows led Chad to develop his passions and skills as a woodsman. Very much an avid lover of old traditional ways and old things. His love of the forests and mountains know no bounds. For he has camped, rambled, gathered, canoed, and fished. In all 4 seasons.

As a lover of local history and folklore, wanderer of forgotten places, and life-long experiencer of the strange. Chad also contributes to and works with Timothy Renner of Strange Familiars Podcast. Chad is also an active member of the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team.

Chad became the proprietor of Ruck Rabbit Outdoors a company that supplies old-style crafted, curated, refurbished, and surplus gear to the woods folk community.

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A Paranormal Life welcomes Duke Sullivan, host of World Bigfoot Radio to the show. Bernadette McDaniel (Host)

Duke Sullivan is a Bigfoot researcher from Montana U.S.A. His interest in cryptids began when he encountered them in northern Minnesota in 1972 and 1977. He has been researching the subject since his second sighting, 45 years ago. Duke has lived in and done Bigfoot research in many states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Montana. Duke is the first person to bring the existence of lesser-known cryptids such as Mountain Giants and the Gugwe to the general public's attention. He is the founder of the Montana Bigfoot Project (a group on Facebook) and the founder and host of the World Bigfoot Radio show on YouTube, Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute. WBR is one of the very few shows that feature an interview with an actual researcher and shows their evidence at the same time. Duke has also filmed Bigfoot many times and posts his field research videos to his channel as well. Duke has appeared on many shows, including Multiple visits to Sasquatch Chronicles, Strange Familiars, The Bigfoot Outlaws, Night Dreams talk radio, Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, Spaced Out Radio twice a week for the Cryptid Report, and over 2 dozen other programs. The World Bigfoot Radio channel not only covers cryptid information but also conspiracies and the evidence for them.

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