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Sunday, January 15, 2023

College Friends Observe Possible PALE CRAWLER HUMANOID in Western Pennsylvania Woods

A group of college friends in western Pennsylvania is together in a local woods at night. After a while, they notice an unknown being, possibly a pale crawler humanoid in a nearby tree.

The following account was referred to me:

"My experience is from late 2006, just before the winter break of my freshman year of college. I went to a small college in rural western Pennsylvania and the freshman parking lot was on the edge of campus up against a State Game Land. We'd go out there a couple of nights a week to smoke some weed. That night, we went to our usual spot in a clearing with a fallen log to sit on just past what you could see from the parking lot (though we could see the lights from the lot through the trees behind us).

Now, I'm sure you're already thinking, "It was probably just the weed." But we were veteran smokers, had just started smoking that night, and had been smoking out of the same bag previous nights without any weird things happening. We packed a bowl and had maybe one hit each as we sat there talking quietly. It was winter and this night was particularly cold, like in the teens (Fahrenheit), but very still. There was no wind, almost nothing making sound out in the woods where we were. I took my first hit and handed the bowl and lighter back to my friend, then looked up to exhale.

That's when I saw it through the smoke. There was a humanoid face in the trees on the other side of the clearing, opposite the parking lot. It was just above a branch that it had its hand wrapped around, I think it had three fingers with a very long, narrow thumb that stuck out several inches past its other fingers, each tipped with a pointed nail.

As the smoke cleared, I got a better look at its face: Very pale, almost grayish skin. Bald, no eyebrows, no other hair of any kind. No ears that I could see. Big eyes relative to its head that was very dark in color, catching just a little bit of light from the lights of the parking lot behind us which made them seem kind of reflective. I didn't get a great look at the nose or mouth as I was fixated on the eyes. But from what I recall, they seemed small relative to their head compared to a human.

I tapped my friend's knee and quickly glanced over at him to see if he saw it as well, and he was starting at it too. So it's something we both saw independently. I looked back at it just as it released its hand from the branch, revealing very long, thin fingers to match the thumb, and then it moved backward out of our sight without making a sound, even though there were dry leaves all over the ground.

Only a few seconds actually passed during this span, but it felt much longer and there was this odd calm over the whole situation. As soon as it was out of sight, however, my friend and I both felt intense fear and we ran back to the parking lot. It was in such a panic that he didn't realize he had stuffed the still-smoking bowl into his coat pocket and dropped the lighter. We ran to the opposite side of the lot from the woods where there was a road, some cars passing, and some other students walking around where we finally felt safe.

There was an initial, "Oh my God! did you see that? What was that?" We calmed down and talked about the details of what we saw, which matched up perfectly. The only thing he noticed that I didn't was that he said he didn't think it even had a mouth. We thought maybe it was a "classic gray alien" or something, but knew no one would believe us and didn't tell anyone else.

The next day, we went back to the spot in the woods and found our lighter standing upright on the log we were sitting on. The odds of it falling and landing like that are very, very low, adding another creepy factor. Did this thing find it and put it there?

We also walked over to the tree where we saw it and found the branch it was grasping. It was a good 10-12 feet above the ground. We couldn't even reach it by jumping and there was nothing around. No stumps, no rocks, no lower branches. Nothing that it could have been standing on, so it had to be tall to appear there.

Weirdly, the leaves on the ground had been disturbed all around the area beneath the tree. Not like, just tracks or something, but it was as if something had intentionally brushed the leaves away and then dug some shallow holes, maybe 4-6 of them about 6-8 inches deep and 2-3 inches wide. My friend was a biology major who had been an Eagle Scout (and now works in a state park), so he knew a good deal about most of the area's wildlife and didn't know of anything that would disturb the ground in that fashion. Plenty of animals dig, but they don't sweep away an area (probably 5ft x 5ft) of leaves like that just to dig a couple of holes like that. He couldn't find any other tracks leading away from the area either.

We never went back out there after dark again and never saw it again either." BB


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