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Friday, January 13, 2023

'CIGAR CLOUD' UFO Phenomenon Reported Over Tsawwassen Docks, Vancouver

The witness observed several distinct cylindrical banks of cloud or vapour behind and above the cranes. Each one of these clouds seemed to be letting down a cascade of water.

I recently received the following commentary from a reader, a follow-up to my post UFO OBSERVATIONS & REACTION by Vancouver, BC Eyewitness:

This is a description of my first UFO sighting which I wrote to a friend by email on April 2, 2021. The sighting took place several years before, in 2016. I hadn’t written it down until 2021 (except for some notes I think) but it was really seared into my memory so I believe I was accurate in my account. I remembered that it had been Friday the 13th so that allowed metro to peg the date exactly as May 13, 2016, and locate the mention in my day planner. At the time I was amazed and really disoriented by the experience. It took me quite a while before I actually calmed down enough to try to analyze them. It was a very transfixing state of mind. 

I think there was some sort of telepathic connection between them and I. There was about the incident and for about 24 hours after a certain mental aura, like what I might imagine would be a post-hypnotic state, though I have never experienced such a state as I recall. Added to my perplexity was the fact that this sighting was a fairly uncommon type of sighting, not at all your standard silvery saucer or glowing ball. 

I had been visiting my pal Geoff on Saltspring Island and was heading back to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal for the bus ride back to Vancouver. The Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal is located on a spit of land on which there is also a large container dock and storage area with large unloading cranes and further out an area where coal is piled. As you approach the ferry docks the container docks are several hundred yards to the left. I was waiting on the open-top deck with many other passengers when, as the ferry approached the Tsawwassen dock I noticed something strange about the cranes. There seemed to be several distinct cylindrical banks of cloud or vapour behind and above the cranes. Each one of these clouds seemed to be letting down a cascade of water that was bellying out like a square sail in the wind or like a curtain of translucent blue blowing offshore. 

There were no ships docked at the container freight docks and so there were no workers or activity there that day. 

"I captured satellite views of the Tsawwassen coal dock and container area and used my primitive drawing program to superimpose an approximation of what I saw.

"Nearly as I can remember. They were “cloud cigars”. I looked up the dimensions of the cranes and found that the base of the cranes is a box of beams about 80 feet wide. I recall that the cloudy cylinders were several times longer than the width of the cranes at their base. So they’d have been from 300 to 400 feet long. My program is not good enough to let me draw the curtains of translucent light blue which were coming down from them looking like sails bellied in the wind.

I thought only for a second that they must have been waterfalls coming down from these clouds of what looked like steam. But then I didn’t see any supporting structure to hold these cloud shapes up. From that moment I was absolutely transfixed by this sight. And upon leaving the area on the bus I was able to see them from the side and I saw that the “waterfalls” were still and steady as were the ships, each ship with an identical light blue (or reflecting the sky) bellied out curtain coming down from the side of the ship facing the cranes.

Each cylinder was shrouded in lightly billowing clouds of condensation. I took out my binoculars (It never once crossed my mind to use my camera which was right beside my binoculars in my backpack) and focusing on the nose part of one ship I could see little puts of cloud or vapour puffing out and all the thing was covered in this billowy active condensation but what was underneath never moved. There wasn’t a cloud in the clear blue sky. Only these things that looked like clouds but never moved never drifted.

I have thought long about it of course. Paul Hill’s book enabled me to analyze it. If the blue curtains had been waterfalls there would have been a noise like six big waterfalls you could certainly have heard across that distance to the ferry dock but there was silence. Such a great quantity of water would have been overflowing the dock area and spilling into the sea but there was nothing. My conclusion is that the ships were discharging "angel hair” as UFOs have been seen to do. This is a white translucent taffy-like substance that quickly sublimates in the warm air. It seems to be some sort of waste material but nobody has been able to collect and preserve enough to analyze it. And nobody knows what it does. Pick up some strands of it and it quickly sublimates in the warmth of your hand leaving a green stain that washes off with soap and water. 

My explanation for the clouds of vapour is [per Paul Hill’s theory] that under the vapour were metallic cylindrical ships and, in order to generate the vapour and hide the ship, the crew were left in operation the matter-repulsive force field generators whose main use is to repel air from the surface of the ship as it moves, allowing supersonic speed without noise or shock wave or resistance. When they leave this field in operation when the ship is not moving the natural movement of the air brings new air molecules against the surface of the ship and the matter-repulsive field drops the air pressure and cools the air so that the water vapour condenses out as a cloud. That’s what I was seeing when I saw the puffs of cloud coming off the ship, the air was being repulsed. The large cylindrical or dirigible-looking ships of several hundred feet long are often seen hiding in clouds or shrouded in clouds so people have called them “cloud cigars”.

Geoff replied:

"Interesting analysis. My question is this: if these objects were visible to you, why were they not visible to others from your angle or another angle? That area has hundreds to thousands of people (on the Roberts bank and ferry side) outside at any given time, including the parking lots, to say nothing of people on approaching or departing ferries. Why no UFO reports? Why no one mentioning angel hair falling to the ground, even if it's transient?

Not negating what you saw with your own eyes, just wondering why no one else noted the strangeness...even if they were ‘disguised’ as cloud formations from some angles?"

Certainly an excellent question. I can only answer from my experience that day. I was standing on the deck of the ferry as it approached the Tsawwassen docks. I began to look more intently at the cranes and the apparitions just behind and above the cranes as we drew nearer. At first I assumed they had some sort of mechanism behind the cranes which poured water to settle the coal dust and this waterfall was generating clouds of vapour. But I kept looking and as soon as we got near enough to see more details I saw that there was no supporting structure holding up the vapour clouds above these waterfalls. I remarked to a young man standing next to me that there was something strange about the things above the cranes. He barely looked my way and went back to, I think, peering at his cell phone screen or something. I glanced at all the people on the deck with me and they were all intent on their business, their baggage and kids and whatnot in eager anticipation of landing and getting home.

I myself never really paused in my automatic routine of debarking, moving through the terminal, and getting on board the waiting bus to go home. I glanced back over my shoulder as my bus left Tsawwassen and caught sight of the apparitions from a side angle. I could see that they were as I had seen them from the front, a side-by-side group of five or six cylindrical clouds the size and shape of WWII submarines with curtains let down from their sides that were bellied out like wind-filled square sails. I never had one single thought of taking a picture or video of them even though my camera was handy at the top of my backpack along with my binoculars which I did use to look more closely at the clouds as we got near the terminal.

I am more interested in technical things than most people. Always have been. I designed and built my own house and wired it by studying and following books and the code book, for example. Otherwise, I might not have given the Tsawwassen coal docks and cranes even a casual glance. How many people ever really look at those types of things? And how many of those people arriving and departing at that terminal gave any attention to the coal docks and cranes? They were all intent on parking their cars or getting to their parked cars or dealing with their baggage and kids or intent like I was (except for being bemused by the cranes and coal docks’ things like the nerd I am) in not missing the bus home and having to wait interminably for the next bus.

I was so intent on seeing these things as we approached the terminal that I never had a thought in my head about them. I had no formulation about them at all in my mind. I was locked on to them much like a targeting radar of a fighter plane locks onto a target. It was that intensive an experience. Fighter planes have sensors to tell the pilot when his plane is being “locked up” by a hostile fighter. Our Visitors have been often reported to be telepathic. If so did the crew of those ships sense my fixed attention? Did they lock on to me as I was locked on to them? I can only say that my mental experience was vivid and all but vacant of any mental chatter as I drank in, pulled in, all the visual information I possibly could. Yet I never thought to stop and stare at them once I was outside the terminal. I got aboard that bus like a man in a dream, as if I were hypnotized by the command to be part of the herd and keep to the herd routine.

I knew there was something completely extraordinary before my eyes. But it was only the next day when I thought about how I could picture these things and describe them to people that I thought, “I know! I’ll draw a picture of them and take a photo of the drawing and scan it and send it to Geoff!” And I drew some pictures and got out my camera... and then it hit me like a punch in the head! What hadn’t I photographed or even videoed the things when my camera was right there as handy as my binoculars??!! I was so mesmerized by the things that I couldn’t look away and only my binoculars occurred to me to use so I could gather better information.

I can only think of that young man I spoke to as we approached the terminal. I said something like, “There’s something weird about those things behind the cargo cranes.” He never even looked at them. Nobody but me looked at them.

I can imagine why that was. Those ships were very clever to hide in plain sight among cargo cranes which no humans who don’t work in industry (I worked on the railroad) ever give a thought or a glance at. Stuff like that just fades into the background. People see them but they really don’t see them. Stuff like that is for workers or something, people who drive loaders and cranes and handle stuff. Not even tech stuff like computers. Greasy dirty industrial stuff for yobs who carry lunch pails. Who gives a shit about that?

As for the ships. I had read Paul Hill’s book and studied it. That’s how I knew anything about Cloud Cigars and Angel Hair so that I could interpret what I saw. Otherwise, would I even have glanced at them or thought anything about them if I even had glanced at them?

What little is known about UFOs of all types discharging Angel Hair suggests that it is some sort of waste product that they must discharge instantly on an emergency basis wherever they happen to be no matter what. But the UFO operators are not at all fond of being observed by crowds of potential human witnesses. The ships I saw, the flotilla I saw had to discharge that stuff, no choice in the matter, it had to be done right now or the operation of the ships would be imperiled – that’s my guess. And Angel Hair has to be dumped onto the ground, can’t be dumped in mid-air or empty space – that’s my further guess. So the ships whose operators have a telepathic connection to human beings as well as to each other were stationed (moored so to speak) behind the cargo cranes where no human ships were docked and no human workers were working at the facility so that they would blend into the background and no human minds would be intent on them. But just one little signal was received from one mind and in response, they locked onto me and especially directed me. This is my guess.

But why do I even assume that nobody else noticed them? How many people know anything at all about UFOs? How many people among all those crowds at the terminal know or care anything at all about UFOs any more than about any other nonsense like space invaders or vampires or Elvis-didn’t-die or the Kennedy assassination or 9/11 Truthers? It’s all silly BS that gets you laughed at if you even mention it. Weird stuff in the cargo cranes. Oh well, must be nothing.

H G Wells wrote with a cunning eye on human psychology when he wrote The War of the Worlds in 1898:

“No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century, that this world was being watched, keenly and closely, by intelligence greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their concerns they were being scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might study the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency, men went to and fro over this globe about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter. It is possible that the infusoria under a microscope do the same... Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.“

People share UFO reports these days quite a lot now that there is the internet and now that there is some more general interest in space and satellites and so forth. But what do people report, and what do they notice? They report lights in the night sky if they are VERY unusual. They report glowing orbs like what I saw if the orbs get near enough to make out. They certainly report UFOs that land or that pass overhead in daylight. These people are dismissed as cranks by most of the public. How many sightings have people had or have every year that they do not tell about anyone? And if anything that people see can be dismissed by themselves as something ordinary or something strange but of no importance to them personally I suspect most people would dismiss such a sighting. I tried to talk to a friend some years ago about UFOs; she said she didn’t care about them even if they are real because they have no relevance to her life or anyone’s life. There is no doubt thousands of people all over the world see their first good UFO sighting every year but this number of people among the world's 7 billion is a few drops in the ocean and not even passing interest on Youtube or Google amidst the ocean of fluff and nonsense.

Why is there now more official word on UFOs being shyly and partly disseminated? Because UFOs and the Visitors who ride in them have done nothing at all to us in 74 years. They are being accepted as humdrum by people like my friend whenever they even come to the general public consciousness. Who gives a sh*t about something that nobody really has to notice?" JS


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