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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Campers Encounter HUGE BIGFOOT & BRIGHTLY LIGHTED FIGURE in California's High Sierras

A group of friends went hiking and camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. On the second night, they encounter a huge Bigfoot and an unknown brightly lighted figure.

The following account was told to me. It had been a part of an older unknown podcast:

"In the spring of 1988, my boyfriend and I, along with other college friends, decided to spend our whole spring break hiking and camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains. One of our friend's fathers grew up in that area and recommended a spot for us to go to near a place called Round Lake. We hiked into the mountains and had a beautiful view of the lake. There were seven of us on that trip. We were only going to be there for a couple of days.

At about 8 PM on the second day, we had our dinner and we were just finishing up the dishes. One of the other couples went for a walk with the excuse of finding a spot to watch the sunset. Yeah, right. Well, an hour or so later they came running back into camp saying that they saw a 'monster.' They said that they were on an overhang on the side of the mountain. They were sitting on the rock ledge just chatting when they noticed a pine tree start shaking wildly. The trees weren't tightly packed in that area, and there were many bare spots. So the pine tree that was shaking was only in a small patch. As they were sitting and watching it they would catch glimpses of a large black figure. They thought that was a bear. Then the shaking tree stopped. Then they saw the weirdest-looking bear come running out of the woods but it wasn't running normally. It was deformed he thought because it was propelling itself forward with its front legs instead of using its back legs.

As they continued watching they realized that it wasn't a bear but, as one of them described it "the biggest freaking chimp I've ever seen!" Then it went from mid-stride on all fours to casually walking on two feet. It stopped and stared out over the valley and then plopped down on its butt with its back to them. They said that it was at least five and a half feet tall sitting down. It had seen them but it didn't care that they were behind it.

My boyfriend said that sounds like a Bigfoot. After he said that everyone piped up, wanting to go and see it. So the whole group walked to the spot. Well, by that time it was gone. My boyfriend was staring off into the distance and said, "Do you guys see this?" We all look towards the dark sky to the east and there were spinning lights, but whatever held these lights could not be seen. The lights stopped and at that moment we all heard a loud moan to the right of us that seemed to go on for about 45 seconds or so. When the moan stopped it was followed by a higher-pitched "whoop" and then the spinning light started again. This seemed to go on for maybe a minute. Again, when they stopped a moan started again and this time it came from the left of us. Again it ended in a "whoop." When it stopped we all looked at where the lights had been and we all clearly noticed that the lights were much closer to us. We were all amazed by it. Then again when the light stopped the moan started to the right of us.

This continued on, but each time the lights were getting closer to us. It started coming from all around us, even above us further up the mountain. We were all freaked out and someone suggested that we should get back to camp.

When we got back to camp, we should have packed up and left. But for some reason, we all thought our campsite would somehow protect us. We talked about our cool experience but not one of us said maybe we should leave the area. We continued chatting about the experience. I don't recall feeling fear yet, oddly enough, someone said he saw something in the woods darting from tree to tree. Someone asked if it was Bigfoot. But my friend said it was glowing a silvery white color and was only four feet tall. Then he yelled "Look! It's right there!" We were scanning the woods and all feeling a little freaked out. I saw the look of shock on my boyfriend's face, so I looked where he was looking and I saw the silvery white being eight to ten feet up the tree with its hands holding onto the trunk. The light from the fire wasn't lighting up the whole tree so what I saw wasn't very clear but it did have five fingers that appeared to have suction cups on the tips. I saw one side of its bulbous head and one eye. The eye was large like the size of a baseball. The head was the size of a large party balloon.

Minutes later we all heard a large crack of a tree limb. One of the guys said he thought he could see red eyes glowing. He said it moved back behind the tree. Then all of a sudden one of the girls screamed. We all jumped in fright! We looked in the direction where she was looking. There it was! A Bigfoot! It was standing there staring at us as it just swayed back and forth. We all estimated that it was well over 11 feet in height! It was breathing very heavily. Its mouth was pursed in a downward position. It inhaled through its nose and then exhaled and as it exhaled it growled loudly. Then we heard the sound of the brush move and a bright lighted figure appeared. We watched as the Bigfoot turned and walked out of the campsite toward the figure. That was our chance to go! None of us packed! We just ran for the cars and left!

A few of us went back the next day to get our stuff. Nothing was touched, not even the coolers of food. None of us, as far as I know, ever went back to the location. Most of us still keep in touch, but we rarely ever talked about that night."


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