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Monday, January 23, 2023

'ALIEN APEMAN' HUMANOID Seen in Lawrence County, Kentucky Backyard

A Lawrence County, Kentucky woman tells her son about a hairy humanoid creature that would come down from the mountain and into her backyard at night. She has seen it twice.

I recently received the following account:

"This happened in the Summer of 2020 in Lawrence County, along Blaine Creek in eastern Kentucky.  My mom's home, where I grew up, is situated in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. There are no houses or neighbors within half a mile of her house. The area is simply beautiful mountains.

One night her old dog was barking, whimpering, and growling. He just wouldn't stop acting up. My mom was confused since there were no outside noises that she herself could hear. The dog was pacing back and forth to the door and windows. After 30 minutes or so she decided to grab her flashlight and go outside to make sure everything was okay. No animals had been messing with her trash cans, so she figured her dog was picking up the smell of a raccoon or other nocturnal critter. She scanned her yard and the creek and didn't see anything out of place. So she turned to go back into the house and that's when she saw it. I will give the best description that I can from what she told me.

I've never seen it myself and hope I never do. She said it was standing on its hind legs. These hind legs look like an animal's but the front looked more human. It had patches of long light colored fur all over the body and legs. The top looked like a humanoid man while the lower part looked like an animal. The face was very odd. She called it an 'alien apeman.' She said that it stood about 7 feet in height and was muscular. She stood paralyzed with fear shining her light on it it looked at her. Then it started walking on all fours out of her yard towards the back and toward the mountain. It did stop and looked back at her a few times but finally disappeared into the darkness.

There was another encounter. One night a few weeks later her dog began acting up again. She decides to stay inside. She turned her lights off and looked out of her dining room window. There was a pole light in the yard. She was able to see it again although it was further away from her and not as detailed. She said it had the same shape and was the same thing she saw just weeks earlier. She backed away from the window for a few minutes, then looked out again. It was gone.

After that, she would walk out onto the back porch, and fire her shotgun at dusk hoping the creature would heed her warning. It's been over 2 years now and she still fires the shotgun every early evening. The creature hasn't returned." BB


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