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Sunday, January 01, 2023

7-8 FOOT LONG, RED-EYED WINGED HUMANOID Encountered Flying Alongside Vehicle in Northwest Ohio

An Ohio Ordinance Officer recalls her encounter with a 7-8 foot long, red-eyed winged humanoid while driving with her brother. The being was flying alongside the vehicle at 55 MPH.

I recently received the following account:

"This happened around 2008-2009 and I am just now telling the story. I am 56 years old now. I have told 2 people about this. 

I was on Telegraph Rd. heading south towards Toledo, Ohio. I had just picked up my brother in Lasalle, Michigan. He is 2 years younger than me. I was driving and he was in the passenger seat. We had just passed a horse farm and then there was a stretch of wooded area. Not thick woods, just quite a few trees. I was driving 55 MPH.

Then something to the right of me caught my eye. I looked over to see my brother with a stunned look on his face staring out at this thing also. There was this 'thing' in the woods, flying and keeping pace with us. My very first thought was it was a man with a jetpack flying. Then I realized it had wings. This thing was probably 7-8 feet long and had huge wings. It was black in color. It was almost racing us, it seemed. It then turned its head and looked at us. Big red eyes.

My brother and looked at each other. We didn't say anything for a few seconds. One of us said, "Did you see that?' And we both said, "WTF was that?" We looked back over and it was gone. I slowed down a bit and we kept looking but didn't see it.

Just today, I text my brother and asked if he remembered this. He said yes, it haunts him and he doesn't tell anyone because they would call him crazy. That's how I feel. I have tried not thinking about it, telling myself it was a turkey vulture (it definitely was not) and other things. If my brother would have said no, I wouldn't be writing this. I am well respected in my community. I am an Ordinance Officer and my daughter is a Sheriff's Deputy. Thank you for letting me tell my story finally. It is quite a relief." SP

NOTE: There were several similar reports sent to me during that time period in Ohio. Most were further south along the Ohio River. In particular, red-eyed winged humanoids flying alongside vehicles. Lon

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