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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Teen Fisherman Barely Escapes ROCK-THROWING BIGFOOT!

A teen boy decides to go fishing at a local pond during the Fall. He finds a large human-like footprint but continues on. While fishing, several huge rocks are thrown at him. He quickly leaves.

"It was late in the Fall. I was bored and decided to go fishing. I was 15 years old at the time. I grabbed my rod and my tackle box and started down the trail to a small pond. It was about two o'clock in the afternoon and a quarter mile down the trail it came across one footprint, only one. I thought it was odd that someone this time of year would be walking barefoot. I put my boot in the middle of the foot front and it was bigger than my boot. At that time my shoe size was 10 and a half inches.

I continued down the trail to the pond. Just before I reached the pond the bushes got thick on both sides of the trail. It opened to a clearing alongside the pond. After walking through the bushes to the clearing to my right was a deer, a small doe about 125 pounds. It was no more than six feet away. It looked at me and I looked at it. Strangely it wasn't scary to me. It just kept staring in the direction I was headed, looking in that direction, and then looking back at me, and then looking back in that direction. I looked to see what it was looking at but there was nothing. She looked at me and turned to the thick bushes behind her and slowly walked into them, then took off quickly like a shot.

I walked around the pond over an old tunnel to a beachy area on the other side to fish. I made about two casts with a spinner when a large rock hit the water above the path that I took to the pond. There was an old trolley trail that went over the tunnel. The hill was covered in trees and you could barely see the old trail. I thought it was just some kids messing around so I yelled, "I'm trying to fish!" That's when all Hell broke loose. Several large rocks all started to hit the water at the same time and this kept going for several seconds and I mean absurdly large rocks about 15 to 20 pounds each. When one hit the beach about 10 feet away from where I was standing I turned and grabbed my tackle box and ran. I didn't even reel the pole in all the way. I just ran a quarter of a mile as quickly as I could, found the main road, and walked home.

Two weeks before I had been walking home from a friend's house and used the same area as a shortcut to go through. I was on the lower path when I could hear two deep voices. It sounded like two men talking and was coming from the upper path. This was around 10:30 at night and I could not make out the language or what they were saying but both voices were very deep. I got a feeling of dread like I was trespassing, and felt very threatened. I was too scared to look. I just stared three feet in front of me on the trail until I got to a large opening in the trail. It led to an open field that was about 20 acres of land that my backyard butted up against. That's when the feeling and the voices stopped. Then I ran out of there as fast as I could running straight for home.

Two years later I was walking down the road through the woods that cut through the back side of that property. It was a warm July night and about nine o'clock at night I heard large tree limbs snap and hit the ground alongside a stream that led to the pond. There was a slight breeze blowing that night. I told myself it must have been the wind. But then in the same spot, a 20-foot tree started to shake and hit the ground. This tree was alive, fully grown with green leaves. I backed up the road 100 yards so I couldn't see the area anymore. In a moment of horror, I turned and ran like Hell until I got home. I've never been back to that area or a pond ever again." VD

NOTE: No location was given by the witness. Lon

Transcribed Source: The Round Table Of Knowledge By HTH

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