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Sunday, December 18, 2022

GROANING BIPED Approaches Deer Hunter at Night

A South Carolina deer hunter is in his tree stand when something approaches below him. He hears groans. He then smells an awful odor before, whatever it was, tried to climb his tree.

"I grew up in southern Georgia in the woods and swamps hunting and hanging daily. Fast forward 20 years. I'm on my lease hunting property near Whitmire, South Carolina. I found it strange that the old guys in the club would never ever hunt alone in these woods.

I normally carry a 30.06 while in the woods. One evening it was getting late, 20 minutes or so maybe before dark. I'm watching some small ponds, sitting over a road in the tall pines. I'm in my climber maybe 10 feet or so up in the tree. I loved the woods but hate heights. The woods are loud, but then very quiet. Okay, I thought. I was just hoping for a big buck. The next thing I hear is someone walking towards me in the small pines, but then they just stop. It's getting really dark.

I start hearing deep groans where the walking had stopped. I'm thinking that it was a bear or a cat which would be very uncommon in this area. A big cat, maybe. But bears this far south is not normal. It gets very quiet again. I could see the small road well in the moonlight. The next thing I hear the groans are immediately under me, almost beside me. Now the groans are becoming growls. Also, the odor was a bit overwhelming, just like a dead animal in the woods. I thought that a stinky animal was climbing on my tree and felt like I was going to be grabbed. I started moving a bit, trying to get my gun pointed down and lifting my feet. I was shaking because I was freaking scared. I could hear heavy breaths. I started yelling down, "If you're a club member trespassing I don't care. Just identify yourself or I'm gonna freaking start shooting!" I thought someone was trying to get at me in the tree stand.

I never heard another sound and the foul odor was gone. I put my gun on my back and started slowly climbing down the tree. No more than two or three steps down the tree I smelled that awful odor again. Then I heard a low groan. t was right in front of my face, but it was so dark that I saw nothing. It scared me so bad I stood up and jumped into the dark in the other direction. When I hit the ground I rolled around, jumped to my feet, and ran down to the road. I ran as hard as I could to the gravel road where I could see well in the moonlight.

At this time I remembered that my buddy was down at the bottom of the road in the small pines where I put him in a big box stand. I didn't see his light, so I had to run down that road to get to the bottom by the rivers  He was down by the rivers. When I ran up to him he said, "Man, there's some weird sh*t going down! We need to go!"

We slowly walked together back up toward the gravel road. I heard someone walking on both sides of us all the way. I think my buddy was hearing it too. We didn't speak during the entire walk, maybe five to six hundred yards, for some reason. I didn't feel my gun was going to help. I had hollered earlier threatening to shoot and whoever this was, they weren't scared.

When we got to the gravel road, the entire atmosphere had changed. It was almost 11 o'clock at night by then. My buddy didn't talk much. We went back to camp and had some food. We went to bed. I could hear him rolling around all night and I didn't sleep a wink."

Transcribed Source: The Round Table Of Knowledge By HTH

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