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Monday, December 26, 2022

Colorado Elk Hunter Observes BIGFOOT PAIR Meticulously Stalk Herd For Hours

An elk hunter was in the White River National Forest, CO. While observing a large elk herd, he watched as two Bigfoot meticulously stalk them. It is an amazing account!

"This happened in October 2004 while elk hunting the White River National Forest in Northwest Colorado. This area contains the largest migrating elk herd in North America. I'm not a Colorado resident but traveled to hunt elk. I made my camp high up to get closer to the Elk River, weather permitting. I could wake up early and get to the meadow before sunrise.

I woke up the next morning and was off to my spot. I arrived about 20 minutes before sunrise and was very still. I could make out the shapes of elk in the middle of the meadow about five to six hundred yards away from me. The herd was mostly cows that I could see and numbered at least a hundred. I slowly got my gear ready just in case the herd got closer. I laid my rifle down alongside me. It was amazing to observe elk in the wild. 

As I scanned the herd I noticed how tight together they were and then something occurred to me. This herd wasn't grazing, but they all seemed to be staring at one of the two large cows. The whole herd would shift its position as if on command from the lead cow elk. I scanned the edge to see if I could locate any blaze orange. Could it be other hunters I thought? I didn't see anything. Maybe they were well hidden, but the wind wasn't in their favor and I thought a black bear or even a mountain lion might be stalking the herd. That was a good 100 to 200 yards away from any cover to the edge of the elk herd. The lead cow would make small position changes and the whole herd would move in unison but stay mostly in the middle of the meadow. Then I thought maybe some big bulls are following the herd, but the rut was over. I kept glassing the whole time looking for any sign.

By this time the sun had risen and while there was still a nice chill in the air it was warming up. I wondered how long this herd would stay in the open. After about 30 minutes something caught my attention about 200 yards away. I saw through my binoculars two very large dark figures crawl out of the tree line towards a patch of three tall evergreen trees in front of me. What amazed me was the speed at which these two animals these two shapes moved. They covered the open ground and stopped, They were crawling like Army soldiers. They crawled with such efficiency and speed that is hard to decipher what they could have been. They definitely weren't black bears as the size was too big.

They didn't notice me as I still had the wind in my face I had a good cover and I didn't move. I had on camo except for my blaze orange vest. I take my orange hat off and I put on a warmer black stocking cap. I was in an elevated position and this allowed me to watch their every move. I observed these two things lift their heads up from a flat laying position in the grass and peek towards the herd of elk. I got momentary glimpses of them. As they did this my mind couldn't process what I was seeing. What were they, I kept thinking to myself? I shifted my binoculars towards the elk herd which was still making small position changes while concentrating on something on the opposite side of me.

After an hour of no movement, the elk had started to spread out a little, with the exception of the lead cow. She stood and watched the tree line. She would dip her head and wag her tail. Her ears were up the whole time, keeping alert. Whatever I saw earlier I think was still over by the tree. I wanted to bring my rifle up to try to zoom in on the scope but I feared moving. Just as I thought about finally doing so I heard a couple of chirps like birds make. Then I heard another chirping sound from the area where I saw these two things. That made one of these things get up and move parallel to the herd of elk. Once again this thing moved at such great speed and efficiency. It didn't crawl but this time ran in a squatted position. It took up a position about 100 yards away from the other one and I lost sight of it. It was now above the elk herd while the other one was below it.

I then started to figure out that whatever this was on the other side of the meadow was trying to drive the herd toward my side. Again I heard the sound of birds chirping and I waited. The next movement I detected I would grab my rifle which is behind me. My heart was pounding so hard that I'm surprised they didn't hear it. I wasn't afraid of what I saw but I was afraid of being detected. I just couldn't process what I was witnessing and I thought because of my inexperience hunting in the west I didn't know what I was seeing. I shifted my focus toward the herd which was still slowly moving around. Again, more chirping sounds came from across the meadow from me. This caused the lead cow elk to switch positions to the opposite side of the herd.

Then, as if directed by the lead cow, they took off straight up the meadow away from me. The whole time they didn't get close to the edge of the meadow. I quickly reached down, grabbed my rifle, and shouldered it. I scanned the area for movement from the two that I saw. Again I heard the chirping sounds. The one closest to me slowly rose up using the trees as cover. It was on two feet bent over at the waist peeking out between the tree branches. I aimed the scope on this thing and increased the power. I could definitely see it was no bear. It was not a man. It was a Bigfoot. It was at least eight to nine feet tall. It had to weigh 800 pounds. Its shoulders were wide with a cover of matted hair. I would describe it as a buffalo standing on two feet minus the horns. It was black in color with a large head compared to the other one. It appeared to be larger in size. It never turned toward me.

I scanned up and down looking at this thing through my rifle scope. The longer I looked the calmer I became. I even thought about how calm I was. If I wanted to shoot this thing I'd have no problem holding my rifle steady. My next thought was to try and get my camera which is in my pack. I switched my attention to see what the elk herd was doing. They had stopped and they were again in a tight bunch. They all were looking at the edge of the meadow opposite me. They started to slowly move toward me.

By now it's 11 AM. That's late. It was still chilly, maybe in the 40s. I forget the elk would have wanted to move into the dark timber but they stayed in the middle of the meadow. The Bigfoot had lowered itself back down and was now laying alongside the clump of trees. I started to feel a small chill in the back of my neck and was thinking the wind was changing slightly. I could see clouds off in the distance and the weather had called for snow. This whole time I never thought about food, water, or even taking a piss. I was so locked in on what I was seeing and time seemed to fly by. I still wanted to get my camera but didn't want to risk moving.

Finally, I slowly set my rifle down next to me and slid my pack out. Just then I heard the whistling, but this time in rapid succession and from more than one position. I think I was busted. I froze and saw the Bigfoot ahead of me get up and turn heading toward the tree line. It never turned in my direction. Once again low to the ground. It moved Incredibly fast as if it were floating on air. I moved into the timber.

Then I felt fear as I thought how am I going to get back to my tent? I had to walk through the timber. Would these things be waiting for me? I finally got up and glassed the whole area looking for any signs of what I saw. I made it very slowly back to my tent. I got my things together and moved my camp down alongside the creek I made a small fire and stayed alert during the night.

I was emotionally drained and decided to call off my hunt. I packed up and made my way out of the wilderness."

Transcribed Source: The Round Table Of Knowledge By HTH (Edited)

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