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Saturday, December 31, 2022


An Indian investigative journalist writes about hairy hominids said to exist throughout India, Asia, and the sub-continent. He also notes the legends of Forest People and Fae in those regions.

"I'm from India and a trained financial news journalist for a multinational mainstream news company. Let me start by confirming what many people may already know Bigfoot is present worldwide. The problem is most people hear about the sightings in North America because information gathering and flow is very advanced there compared to the rest of the world. But while Americans and Canadians struggle with the government's ignorance and denial of the existence of Sasquatch things have been different here in India.

In 2019 the official handle of the Indian Army Twitter page posted a few pictures (attached) of police-shared footprint photos which they said belonged to the Yeti aka Abominable Snowman. The Yeti has the same characteristics as the North American Bigfoot including the color. Sir Edmund Hillary, who was one of the first two men to climb the world's highest mountain Mount Everest, claimed to have seen this being. The Yeti is also respected by the Buddhist monks in the region and their history goes back thousands of years. I'm trying to track down some Indian Army personnel who've had sightings.

While the Yeti is the most famous there are other beings as well in northeast India. There was a being called Mande Barung who is a bit shorter but has brownish and orangish hair. There was a report once where a villager said that they had killed and eaten one of these beings and some scientists have tried to investigate. In Bangladesh, there's a creature known locally as Ban-manush which translates to 'apeman.' There's another similar being in Pakistan called Barmanou. Lastly, in China and central Asia, people will tell you about the Yeren and Almas respectively. Unfortunately, most of southeast and central Asia has little or no access to the internet, and news reports are extremely rare, so it's very difficult to sketch a broader picture of what's happening here

There are several other such beings in southeast Asia and many more that we may have not even known about because the flow of information is disabled in this part of the world. I'm trying to start an organization that can collect stories and information like this around the region as I believe it's essential for this global community and these beings.

I want to know your thoughts about the little Forest People or the Fae. Yes, I'm talking about fairies, elves, goblins, gnomes, etc. some of your recent shares have been about them but unfortunately, I've not yet seen an extensive and serious discussion regarding these beings. Even some people interested in the paranormal dismiss the Fae. I am a trained journalist and hence take an investigative approach to things. The legends and stories of little Forest People are found in every culture and region of the world. They are more prevalent than maybe even Sasquatch. There are several stories of little people in India too. In fact, there's a place called Fairy Hill in the country. I'll be visiting an area that has some evidence of the possible existence of these beings soon and will write to you in more detail on this broad topic."

Transcribed Source: The Round Table Of Knowledge By HTH

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A Morea, Pennsylvania resident reports a recent sighting of an 8+ foot tall black upright canine observed by their sister and son. The witnesses state that the beast howled as it crossed the road in front of them.

Also, In the late 18th century, the Pennsylvania Dutch started to settle on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line in Carroll, Frederick & Washington Counties. Not long after setting down their new roots, tales of the Hexenwolf started to circulate. The description of this beast was similar to the Dwayyo, 'a mammalian biped with features similar to a wolf, but the stance and stature of a human.'

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