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Thursday, December 22, 2022

8+ Foot Tall HOWLING UPRIGHT CRYPTID CANINE Reported Near Frackville, Pennsylvania

A Morea, Pennsylvania resident reports a recent sighting of an 8+ foot tall black upright canine observed crossing the road in from their sister and son. The witnesses stated that the beast howled.

I recently received the following report:

"Last Saturday, the 17th of December at around midnight on Industrial Rd. near where I live in Morea, Pennsylvania. My sister and son were driving back from dinner and shopping.

They both saw a jet-black upright wolf-like creature the size of an outhouse (8+ feet tall) run across the road in front of them. My son said the moon was bright and three inches of snow were on the ground. He said it looked human-like. He also states that it moved extremely fast as it ran across the road in front of them.

This is a road located about 1 mile from Frackville, Pennsylvania, and nearly 2 miles from Morea, Pennsylvania. My son said that it howled. Thought you should know." SB

NOTE: I know the writer and have been aware of their many years of Bigfoot contact and gifting. I've learned to trust their instincts.

"The funny thing is that I did not hear of this until just now 8PM on December 21st. I was in the woods at a Bigfoot gifting site that very day."

According to SB, the atmosphere was not the same. This may have been a warning from Bigfoot. They only ever felt something like this once previously and they think that this cryptid canine may still be in the area. SB heard not one bird the whole 2 hours they were out in the woods.

The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team will follow up on this incident. The sighting has been placed on the Pennsylvania Dogman / Upright Canine Interactive Map. Lon

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