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Monday, November 07, 2022

YELLOW-EYED SASQUATCH Pushes & Rocks Car While Occupants Were Inside Asleep!

Two young men were on a cross-country road trip. One night, while stopped along a dark Oregon road to sleep, they were awakened by something pushing and moving the car.

"Back in June of 2000 is when my encounter took place. One year out of high school, my buddy and I were driving around the country. We spent the entire month of June driving and camping our way all over the country, all the way from the east coast to the west making a huge circle around the country.

Halfway through the trip, somewhere in Oregon, I decided to just pull off the road one night and sleep until morning. No point trying to set up camp in the rain and in the dark on some desolate road. My buddy didn't feel like driving at that point. We parked not far off the side of the road. Again, we're in the middle of nowhere in Oregon. No GPS, no cell phones. We have an atlas with us that my father used to use as a truck driver. That was how we navigated.

Anyway, within minutes we are both passed out for a good couple of hours when the car suddenly shakes. We both wake up wondering what the hell shook the car. We figured it was probably a gust of wind since it was such bad weather. Well, less than five minutes, later the whole back end of the car got pushed about six feet in one direction. We both spun around and saw nothing but black out the back window. It was pitch black where we were. I immediately switched the headlights on and started the car. Still, nothing to be seen. At this point, I'm fully awake.

I remember this next part like it happened five minutes ago. As I looked over at my buddy to tell him we were out of there I could see that something was next to his window. It was something huge. I tried to speak but nothing came out. My buddy was looking at me and I was staring out his window in shock and fear. I couldn't move. I was frozen. He then turned to see what I was looking at. Then, at that moment, two giant yellow eyes appeared. They weren't right next to the car, but they were a short distance away. We were both frozen stiff. It was at that point the car got rocked again. This time side to side. That was enough to snap me out of whatever trance I was in. I slammed the car into drive and floored it. I remember almost losing control of the car as we hit the wet road. My buddy was shaking so bad. I had a hard time steering. I drove until daybreak without taking my eyes off the road.

After that night we cut our trip short. We both knew what we saw. From what we can figure that thing was crouched down staring at us with his hands still on the top of the car. After it knew we both could see its eyes it gave the car one last shove just to screw with us. We did not camp another night as we stayed in hotels the next few nights until we got home.

Until this day I did not camp in remote areas. Whatever that thing was made it very clear we were not welcome."

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