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Saturday, November 05, 2022

Wyoming Deer Hunters Later Realize BIGFOOT Was Near Them

Two hunters are hunting deer near Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. After killing and dressing a deer, a series of events occur that indicates that a Bigfoot had been near them.

"My story began about 14 years ago while I was out deer hunting in the South Fork of the Shoshone River just outside Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Just before the sun went down my buddy flushed a huge buck entirely by accident. As we were walking back to the truck he shot it and saw it run off. He knew he'd gotten a good solid hit on it so we went over to where he shot it and found obvious signs of blood everywhere. So we stayed there a few minutes and smoked a couple cigarettes to hopefully let the deer stop and lay down and bleed out. After securing permission from the landowner we're able to cross onto his property. We found his deer. We field field-dressed the deer, drug it out, and loaded it in the truck.

Just before we were getting ready to leave I realized that I left my gloves on the ground back where we had dressed the deer. So I told my buddy to hang on for a minute. I run back and grab the gloves. As I stood up, literally had every hair on my body stand up, like a static electricity kind of feeling. I slowly turned and scanned everything around me to see if maybe I was just picking up the feeling that there was a bear.

I quickly started moving back towards the truck. I got near the truck and I started relaxing, but I was still feeling really uneasy and the thought in my head was to leave and get out of there. My buddy looked at me and asked what was wrong because I guess it was written all over my face. I told him that I had a weird feeling. I thought maybe we maybe there might be a bear in the vicinity because we had seen lots of signs that day. He looked at me strangely and then said what did the landlord have to say? I looked at him puzzled because I had no idea what he was talking about. We talked to the landowner after shooting the deer to secure permission to cross into his wood lot but that was at his house out close to the highway. So I asked him what are you talking about, He said that he saw who he thought was the landowner coming from where his house walking through the woods to where I was retrieving my gloves. He saw him kind of disappear back farther into the woods where I should have been. I was completely confused at that point because I hadn't seen anybody. I didn't hear anybody and there were enough leaves and such on the ground that it would be difficult for someone to walk quietly without me hearing them. I just kind of shook it off at that point thinking I let my imagination get the best of me.

We proceeded to leave. We had to stop back at the landowner's house to give him the portion of the state tag so he could get reimbursed. My buddy went up to the door to leave his tag and the owner greeted him at the door. I got out of the truck at that point, walked up there and they were already in conversation. I realized it wasn't the landowner that my friend saw going through the woods. So we got a short discussion with the landowner and I told him what had happened. He looked at me and chuckled a bit and said, "Oh, I see you met my friend." I asked him who that was and he said, "No No. Not a friend, but a friend that he sees in the woods every once in a while." At that point, my buddy and I realized what he was talking about.

Later that night I was at my buddy's house before heading back home. We were talking about this encounter and his wife was the first one to bring it up and say out loud the word "Bigfoot." For some reason when she actually said it out loud I just felt this overwhelming terror.

I went home and a few days later I wanted to go hunting again in the same area when I got down there this overwhelming feeling like I did the previous time was telling me don't go by myself. I did listen to that sixth sense and got right back with my truck and went home. I'll be honest with you I haven't set foot in the woods since that day."

Transcribed Source: The Roundtable of Knowledge by HTH

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