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Sunday, November 13, 2022

UFO BURNS FACE of Lufkin, Texas Pharmacist (Newsclipping)


A Lufkin, Texas druggist says a flying saucer hovered about 20 feet over his car. Bark Robertson, the 28-year-old registered pharmacist, says he climbed up on his car fender to get a better look at the craft.

Robertson exhibited a slightly burned face as proof of his story. The burn, he said, apparently came from rays emitted by the underside of the craft. Which he said gave off a dull red glow, he saw a strange object aloft while on his early morning run. He didn't know what it was, but it was plainly visible. And the first thing anybody thinks of these days when they see strange objects in the sky is a flying saucer.

To make the report more authentic Mrs. McDaniel and her son also saw the thing. Meanwhile, what is believed to be the first survey to be made in a Texas community on the "flying saucer" reports comes from Wichita Falls.

Source: Valley Morning Star,Apr 22, 1950, Page 1, Harlingen, Texas, US (newsclipping)

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