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Sunday, November 13, 2022

SLENDERMAN-LIKE ENTITY & 'Hatchman Man' Guard Small Spring Valley, Illinois Cemetery (VIDEO)

There have been several incidents of entities reported at the Lithuanian Liberty Cemetery in Spring Valley, Illinois over the years. In fact, one of these entities has been described as a faceless, tall, and thin Slenderman-like spectre.

The Massock family mausoleum sits inside the small graveyard. Locals tell the story of Hatchet Man, a frightening ghost who likes to guard the cemetery. The door to the mausoleum is said to stay warm, even though it has been sealed closed since the 1960s when vandals stole a skull from it.

In Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s 'The Complete Vampire Companion,' she tells about a pale, thin apparition seen here at night. According to the book, after hearing about the sightings, a reporter poured holy water into the mausoleum’s vent and consequently heard an eerie groaning sound come from the crypt.

One visitor to the cemetery commented:

"We went during the day because we had my friend's young son with us (who is very interested in exploring haunted places). We drove past the cemetery a few times before we realized where the entrance was as it was almost impossible to find. I had not read up on any of the legends or stories told about the mausoleum so we had no idea what to look for. We walked around for a bit and looked at the old graves and checked out the mausoleum. Nothing felt off to me until we were getting ready to leave and my friend's kid starts running towards the entrance (not from anything, just running because he’s a kid) as he was running he ran passed me and I swear I saw a dark figure running alongside him. I did a double take and saw nothing there the second time around but as he’s running towards the entrance he stops dead in his tracks and immediately turns his head to the mausoleum and asks if the holes at the top are for them (the dead) to look out of. They’re just ventilation holes but I thought the whole situation was kind of spooky."

Another visitor states:

"I went there with friends around midnight multiple times while in high school. One night, we turned the car and lights off at exactly midnight because we heard people saying, "It has to be at midnight." We heard faint moaning sounds in the distance so I (in the passenger seat) told the driver to leave. I did not believe in ghosts or anything supernatural but that noise freaked me out enough to want to leave. His car took three attempts to start (probably just a coincidence, it was an old family van). I had my arm out the window as we drove away and felt something on my arm. My friend in the back seat said she saw somebody but nobody else saw anything or anyone. When I got home and got in the shower, I had scratches on my arm that appeared to be from fingernails. Two days later, that same driver gave me a ride home and I saw on the passenger side door, near the window that I had my arm out of, were scratches that lined up perfectly with the scratches on my arm."

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