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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

SASQUATCH ACTIVITY & PRINTS Discovered by Grand Canyon, Arizona Resident (PHOTOS)

A Grand Canyon, Arizona area resident describes recent indications and evidence that he has noticed suggesting that there is Sasquatch activity and hunting around his property.

I live alone with my pets at a 5700-foot elevation near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is very remote with lots of trees and a few distant neighbors. It's a free-range area with Black Angus cattle roaming around and not too uncommon to open the front door and see one stand in front of my porch.

During the past month, I have been smelling the same strong odor occasionally in the early evening. Not as vile as most people describe it but it's a strong mix of garbage, a wet dog, and a septic tank. I just thought it was the septic system venting. I keep thinking about how strong it was but it only lasts for about 20 minutes each time so I did investigate it. Also, the dogs have been barking a lot more lately.

Also, while walking the short distance from my cabin towards my greenhouse at night at around 11 PM I heard an unfamiliar low-pitch whistle just behind the greenhouse in the woods. There was one short single note whistle like, 'Hey, over here." No odors. I never heard a bird chirping at this time of night except for an occasional owl hoot. It sounded more human than bird. I brushed it off, but after it happened four more times within the following week, at the same location and time I was feeling strange about it.

Most recently I discovered fresh deer and elk tracks around the usual areas I hiked that surrounded my property. I usually hike three to four miles each day with my dogs. I've been here a year and these were the first signs I've seen within a few miles of my property, except for cattle tracks and cow pies which are everywhere.

While hiking a few weeks I came across a huge bull elk about 30 feet away between the thick juniper trees. We stood staring at each other for a few seconds before my dog barked and ran off. A few days later I found more deer and elk tracks and two scat sites. I then noticed human-like footprints. I'll attach photos. I wear a size 12 shoe, shown in comparison. The first sighting had two prints about 12 inches long, several feet apart, and not in a stride pattern. One was much wider. The larger print was about 50 percent wider than my foot while the other were very similar to mine. Both prints had a few toe marks. The ground here is usually fairly compact from the natural gravel but it's monsoon season now so it's much softer, but not muddy. The tracks are about three inches deep in the ground whereas my print is only about half an inch at maximum depth in the soft ground. At the other elk scat location, I saw three larger prints that were 15 inches long which had a mid-tarsal break and distinct toe marks as well. These are about two inches deep and six to eight inches wide with the same proportions as my foot, but larger. These were not together in a stride pattern either there was no arch on any of the prints. These prints were only about one thousand feet from my cabin. It looks like a Sasquatch family or group who are hunting in the area.

I've heard Sasquatch has been spotted several times near the mountain range. I think about the sounds but you're fairly familiar enough to know the drill. You smell these scents or feel something is off. It's a good idea to listen to your instincts, listen to your gut feeling no matter what.

Transcribed Source: The Facts by Howtohunt.com

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