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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Ohio Couple Encounter HUGE GLOWING-EYED 'SMOKY ENTITY' Along Rural County Road

I recently received a telephone call from a Massillon, Ohio witness 'JA'. He inquired about an encounter that he and his fiance had in December 2021 with an unknown entity.

The couple had left his fiance's brother's home along Church Rd. in Wayne County near Orrville, Ohio. It was approximately 1 AM and very dark. JA noted that it was a clear night but the moon was not visible.

As they traveled east on Church Rd. (Rt. 7) they observed a pair of 'bright glowing eyes' emanating from a residential yard in front of them. JA quickly slowed down, almost to a stop, in order to get a better look at the anomaly as the headlight beam seemed to shine through the entity. JA describes it as a 'smoky, cloud-like form with bright glowing eyes.' He could not recall the color of the eyes but stated that it was very bright and seemed to emit light. JA also stated that the mass was huge, approximately 8 feet in height, and somewhat shaped like a human or humanoid being. It was standing by a large tree and was 100-150 feet away from them.

Then suddenly the entity quickly rushed towards them. Both JA and his fiance were startled so badly that his fiance urinated on herself. JA stepped on the accelerator, spun the tires, and immediately left the scene. His fiance was deeply panicked by the sight. Both witnesses are still affected by the encounter, which has caused sudden negative recall and nightmares to both.

JA was unable to find any reference to what they witnessed that night and contacted me for answers. I told him that these types of entities do occasionally manifest and that the glowing eyes are known to be a part of many of the incidents. As to what this anomaly really was, it's difficult to nail down an explanation. What are your thoughts? Lon

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