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Sunday, November 20, 2022

BLACK 'SMOKE MONSTER' Dwells in Virginia's Southwestern Mountains

A southwest Virginia girl, who was living in the mountains, recalls an unknown black 'smoke monster' that she observed manifest from shaking bushes. Others in the area have seen the same phenomenon.

“When I was younger I saw something very strange. My brother and cousins were with me. I was the oldest. It was broad daylight, 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. We lived in the mountains of southwest Virginia.

We were out in front of our grandmother's house right by the road, our great grandparent's place was across the street. There was a creek that ran along the other side of the road with a lot of brush and weeds growing up all along the embankment. We had made a fire in a coffee can and were roasting things over it when all of a sudden a section of bushes across the street started shaking violently. There wasn't wind enough to do it. It stopped briefly then started again. If it had been an animal or something we could have seen it through the brush. It was so weird that I walked over to see what was causing it.

When I got over to where it was shaking, something black dropped out of the bushes, down the embankment, and was just hovering over the creek. It was like a solid black cloud of smoke that you couldn't see through, and it was undulating over the creek. We could tell it was watching us but I think we were too scared to move. Then it suddenly moved away from us really fast, not in a straight line but it zig-zagged backward very fast. When it did that we all screamed and ran back to our grandmother's house.

The only thing I've seen since that looked like that was in the TV series “Lost”, the black smoke monster looked like this thing we saw. We saw it in 1983 or 1984. I didn't mention anything about eyes, because I didn't see any eyes. But other people in the same area have seen this big black shapeless thing enough times that they even had a name for it; they called it 'Bush' and they reported that it had glowing red eyes. Maybe the eyes were visible at night or something but I saw it during the day. I doubt it was even a physical thing but it was definitely able to connect with physical things, like the bushes it was shaking." VD

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