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Saturday, November 19, 2022

BIGFOOT TRIBE Intimidates Vacationing Couple in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains

A couple vacationing in a rental property in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains is harassed and intimidated by a tribe of Bigfoot living in the nearby forest.

I recently talked to an eyewitness, who is a long-haul truck driver from Tennessee. Approximately 3 weeks ago, he and his girlfriend took a weekend vacation and stayed in a rental property located between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The witness, whom I'll refer to as 'EB,' was in the hot tub on the rental deck, waiting for his girlfriend to join him. As he sit there, he heard a noise emanating from below him. The deck was approximately 15 feet above the ground. It was dark by this time. When his girlfriend opened the sliding door to access the deck, it sounded like something had quickly descended down the support column and heavily ran off towards the woods. In fact, EB stated that it was definitely bipedal and that he could feel the vibrations of the heavy footfalls.

When his girlfriend stepped out onto the deck he explained to her what he had just heard. Fearing that there may have been prowlers or nosey neighbors they remained on edge. Their friends, a couple who were supposed to join them later that night, were on the way there. EB called them and explained what he had just experienced.

EB and his girlfriend were soon back in the rental living room discussing what he had heard. When their friends arrived, they soon forgot what had previously occurred and spent time entertaining their guests.

Later that night, they heard a commotion coming from another rental property approximately 100 feet east of them. When they went outside to see what was going on, they observed the neighbors shining high-powered flashlights under their deck and into the forest. They could also hear loud grunts and whoops coming from the nearby mountains and valleys.

That night, EB's girlfriend heard loud tapping sounds coming from the wall above the bed while they were asleep. She quietly lay there listening to the unexplained sounds continue, until she finally woke EB. He got out of bed, walked toward the deck, opened the sliding door, and stepped outside. Again, he heard and felt the heavy bipedal steps going toward the forest. Both of them sat on the deck for several minutes listening to the commotion emanating from the mountains.

At one point, EB's girlfriend saw movement in the treeline below them. She captured an image of something peering at them. I have included the image. It was quite dark with very light shining into the trees.

They spent another night at the location, once again experiencing the loud tapping sounds on the wall above the bed. It was obvious that something had climbed the outside wall and was making sounds.

EB eventually contacted me in order to report the activity and to ask my opinion as to what they had experienced.

NOTE: Bigfoot reports from the mountains of eastern Tennessee (Appalachia) come to me quite often. I have commented many times about some of the 'wildman' experiences of my family who lived in western North Carolina in the Great Smoky Mountains. I believe EB and his girlfriend were visited by a tribe of Bigfoot.

As for the photograph, I'm not sure what was captured, but it is interesting. I did receive an audio file of some of the sounds that they had captured from the nearby forest and mountains. I was unable to transfer the audio file to the blog, but the sounds were very similar to Bigfoot activity that I have heard previously. Lon

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