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Thursday, October 13, 2022

WTF? Monsters Inc. 'MIKE WAZOWSKI' Creature Pops Through Bathroom Ceiling Vent!

An eyewitness recalls a bizarre encounter that they had when younger in a Savannah, Georgia hotel room bathroom. A green, smooth-skinned creature popped through the ceiling vent!

The following account was forwarded to me:

"So when I was a kid my dad was moving around the country a lot for work. My mom and I stayed in California with family because she didn’t want me to switch schools all the time.

Over summer break one year we decided to stay with my dad while he was working in Savannah, Georgia. They had him staying in a hotel suite since he wasn’t needed there for that long. My dad had already switched rooms once before because he kept saying something was pushing him in his sleep which is weird to think about now since he’s such a huge skeptic and, from what I remember as a kid, a pretty deep sleeper. However, I had never had anything happen to me while I was there until this one day in the bathroom.

I had to go really bad so I ran in to do my business. Above the toilet on the ceiling was an air vent with a kind of square-like lid if that makes sense? I tended to stare at it and space out whenever I was in there but this time a weird sort of growling sound started to come from the vent that had me freaked out.

I quickly finished up and was about to head outside when the air vent lid popped off, bounced off the side of the toilet, and crashed onto the floor. Hanging out of the vent I saw (it’s actually kind of funny thinking about it now) what I can only describe as the bottom half of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. film!

It was like a highlighter green color, the size, and shape of a cantaloupe, its skin was smooth but slimy looking, and it had two long thin legs with three toes that had freakishly long claws. The claws were literally half a foot long, no joke. It also did not have a tail.

I screamed and my mom came in but by that time it had already pushed itself back up the vent so she just taped the vent lid back on and hoped for the best. I still cannot get that image out of my head all these years later.

I thought it might have been a frog or something but the long claws threw me off. Any idea what I might have seen?" S

NOTE: Is it possible that it may have been a thought form or tulpa from the witness staring at the vent? Lon

The witness later added, in an attempt to find an answer:

"It was a big vent. It wasn’t a very big bathroom because it was a hotel suite but the vent took up a good portion of the ceiling. It was dangling from the vent opening. I’m guessing it was fat enough to make the lid collapse?

I looked up Green Anole and it honestly makes the most sense lizard-wise? I saw a pic of a really fat one and it doesn’t look big enough to be what I saw but maybe if it was hanging upside down and I just didn’t see its eyes? And if its tail was chopped clean off?

My dad passed it off as some deformed iguana when I explained the story to him later since there was a lot in the area. I always accepted it as the most rational answer but thinking back to it now the skin didn't look like iguanas I'd seen before cause there was no tail and it was very round and shaped like a straight-up tennis ball.

But again it literally looked like Mike Wazowski from below. Again, its skin was smooth almost like a dolphin's and it looked slimy as there was a slight sheen under the light every time I saw it try to kick its legs up." S

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