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Sunday, October 09, 2022

Witness Recalls Past BIGFOOT & UPRIGHT CANINE Incidents

An Ohio woman described her possible encounter with Bigfoot while camping. She later recalls the sighting of an upright canine that was standing by the road while RVing, watching traffic in Texas.

"I had encountered 1980 of a possible Bigfoot with orbs while camping in in woods in Ohio. I was dropped off with my gear out in rural northern Ohio. The area is predominantly farmland with small woods every few miles. There are tractor lanes in between the farmland which is used by the farmers to get to their land and the woods.

I had gone to have some alone time and just enjoy the woods. So I walked about a half down the quarter-mile lane when it felt like I was being watched. The land's very flat and I saw no one. I continued into the woods even though I felt uncomfortable. I'd never camped alone before and chalked it up to that. I set my tent up as it was getting dark and immediately went in due to the hateful mosquitoes. I brought little with me because I just wanted to spend time with God I began reading my Bible by flashlight.

Again, I realized the feeling of being watched. It was really freaky. I prayed silently and then I heard the sound of huge branches or trees crashing nearby. What intensified the weirdness was that the continuous hum of the mosquitoes stopped. There was more crashing and then something started rubbing the side of my tent. I didn't smell or hear a sound from whatever it was, but now I'm definitely afraid. I start commanding whatever this thing is to leave me alone and to stop making me afraid in the name of Jesus. The air seemed to change. No more feeling afraid and no more crashing of trees.

After a little while, I saw a light flash up in the trees through the tent opening. So I scooted up and looked out to see better. Looking into the treetops was an orb flying around. It looked more like a bouncing ball of light. I watched for a long time and then it disappeared. I couldn't wait until daylight when my ride would come to pick me up. I left with no more encounters.

Then, about 13 years ago, my husband and I were traveling in our large RV. We had been in been in Killeen, Texas and we were traveling northeast, heading back to Georgia. I'm in the passenger seat. I'm looking out the side window just taking in the landscape. I see a figure up ahead in the field standing behind a very large fallen tree. It's black and large. I think to myself that doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before. As we get closer I see that it looks like a huge dog standing with its paw hands resting on the tree watching the traffic go by. When we get parallel with it, it looks right in my eyes. Those were not a dog's eyes! I start shouting for my husband to turn around. Well, with our large-size rig pulling a car, it wasn't possible. That being was acting human but looked like a dog.

I was grateful to find others who have had similar experiences. My husband believes me and that definitely helped."

Transcribed source: The Facts By Howtohunt.com

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