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Friday, October 14, 2022

Unexplained ABDUCTIONS & MUTILATIONS in Central Malawi

There is no shortage of horror stories of witchcraft and murder from the African continent, but the following incidents from Malawi may suggest something different. Are unexplained abductions and human mutilation possible?

An article from the Nyasa Times (no longer online) is provided below:

"Grief engulfed the family of the Chimwenje and surrounding residents in the central Malawi district of Dedza after their 11-year-old boy who went missing some four weeks ago was found dead but without his private parts, tongue and eyes.

The 11-year-old boy went missing on July 19, 2011, and according to his father, Sam, he was suspected to have been abducted by some unknown people. The father said his child was discovered dead on August 16, almost a month later, in Dedza Mountain by a woman who had gone there to fetch firewood.

“The body was found in a completely decomposed state but without private parts, eyes and tongue,” explained the father.

Chimwenje said it is believed his son’s abductors drove the boy to the mountain and parked the vehicle at the towers before taking him to a place where they gouged his eyes and removed his tongue and private parts.

While confirming the sad development, Dedza Police Station Public Relations Officer Edward Kabango said it would be difficult to ascertain whether the boy assailants indeed removed his said organs because of the state in which the body was found.

“When we went there we found that the body was in a completely decomposed state and it is difficult to determine if the body had those organs missing,” said Kabango.

The police spokesperson said due to the decomposed state of the body they buried it right at the same scene where they found it. But the father insisted that they checked their child’s body and confirmed that the said parts were missing.

“I think the police must learn to tell the truth, they are very much aware that the body had no eyes, no private parts, and no tongue what are they up to? When we were checking we were actually together with them,” explained Chimwenje.

This sad development comes barely days after two other similar incidents which occurred on August 15 and July 31 in Mzimba and Chikwawa respectively.

In Chikwawa, a nine-year-old girl was murdered and had her private parts and some of her flesh removed from her buttocks and upper leg while in Mzimba unknown person raped a seven-year-old girl before strangling her and dumping her in a forest where she was reportedly fetching firewood."

NOTE: These types of incidents are not unheard of in areas where witchcraft is a part of life. But this particular set of murders and mutilations continued after several people were arrested, tried, and convicted. There has never been any identification of a particular group or reason given as to why these heinous murders occur.

Since 2011, there have been a minimum of 18 related deaths, according to the sources I have found online.

Dedza Mountain has always had a mysterious past, which includes the strange lights on the mountain at night and the ancient rock art that some people believe may be renditions of alien entities. Lon

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