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Saturday, October 15, 2022

TWO HUGE DOGMAN CREATURES Observed in Rural North Louisiana

A group of friends in North Louisiana is riding around when they spot 2 huge wolf-like creatures, both running on all fours and then bipedally. They we shocked by the sighting.

"I have lived in North Louisiana my whole life and grew up on a large cotton farm that my father owns. My mother is of Cherokee descent, so I was always raised to believe in things that most Americans think are imaginary.

My sighting happened in the early 1990s. It was February and our hunting season had already ended a month before, so animals were back to not being hunted and less scared of people and cars. My friends and I were out riding around the farm trying to see some big buck or a deer that made it through the season to hunt next year. Well, it was starting to get dark and we were headed back to town to hang out with friends. It's a 20-mile ride from my house and we had just pulled out on the road.

Maybe two miles or so we saw something running out of a cotton field. I remember saying, 'What the hell are those?" Two huge dog-like animals were running on all fours, but sometimes on two legs. Also, they both jumped the whole two-lane highway like nothing to it. When I say these things were running I mean like probably 60 miles an hour! I remember saying they kind of look like the Hellhounds from the movie 'Ghostbusters.' My friends agreed with me as soon as I said that. These creatures had huge upper bodies but their waist to their butt were kind of small or maybe that's just the way it looked when they were running so fast. It was a very strange sight. Both of them had wolf-like heads with black fur and when they did go up on two legs they both were well over eight feet.

I remember the woods on the other side of the field were like 400 yards away and they made it to cover in seconds. We all were like WTF! We immediately turned around to go back to my house.

When we got home, we ran into the house screaming at my mom, 'Guess what just happened!' She was telling us to calm down and speak one at a time. Anyway, we told her what we saw and she kept saying some strange Cherokee name for these animals. I eventually stopped talking about it because people were making fun of us. I remember later asking my mom about the dog creatures and I wish I could remember how to say and spell the name she called them. That's my story.' GM

Transcribed source: The Facts By Howtohunt.com

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