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Sunday, October 16, 2022

'RED-HAIRED GIANT' (Sasquatch) Abduction Described by Nevada Youth Camper

A youth camper in Nevada had a terrifying experience during abduction by a 'red-haired giant (Sasquatch). It is a very interesting account, with references to 'mind speak' and religious dogma.

"I suppressed my encounter for 32 years due to the scorn and disbelief I received. It was 1988 and I was around 10 years old. I went to a summer camp in Nevada. The camp is located in a beautiful open canyon that slowly chokes down as you climb up an elevation and a creek runs through it down from the mountains. The campsite had an old square log cabin that had a well-built stone fireplace serving as the main cabin. We all had tents setting them up in the clearing between the creek and our campfire site which is located below an enormous boulder. That is the start of the trail going up the southern ridge of the canyon.

So, during the first night, one of the boys started screaming in the middle of the night being woke up after getting drug out of his tent still in a sleeping bag. Our 19-year-old camp leader came running with his flashlight but there was nothing there. 

On the second night, I startled something large on two legs and it paused looking straight at me a moment before darting back into the brush. It was so fast that you doubt your own eyeballs especially when it's something horrifying and unbelievable. I stayed up all night fearful knowing that something was out there and hearing it from time to time as it moved around checking out the camp. I believe it was also displeased that we were there. I got to sleep around daybreak and ended up getting a late start on the day. The camp leader Betty is a woman in her 50s. I prepared my lunch and the boy's youth leader Billy, a kid around 19 or so, was leading us. Billy's girlfriend Sally was the girl's youth leader led three or four other kids my age on a hike up the mountain to a spot with a good view for lunch. I'll mention here there was a weird lingering fog that morning just up the creek from the camp on the bright sunny day. I was holding up the hike being the last one to get my things ready and they had started up the trail on the southern ridge waiting for me on the other side of that big boulder.

So as I rounded around the boulder I saw Billy and Sally standing in a bend of the trail above me to my right about 25 yards waiting while the rest of the group had just gone out of sight around the bend at 15 yards ahead. I then heard a scream that stopped me in my tracks. It erupted from the trail to the left of Billy and Sally. Suddenly a red-haired male giant being that was eight to nine feet tall was staring down at them. Sally screamed. Billy was behind her and seemed to melt into the ground as the thing screamed again, drowning outcries from the kids who had gone ahead. I was frozen in fear. There was no time to think, let alone react. This giant turned and looked at me down the trail and with an indescribable evil insane laugh he snatched me up in one hand. He was running with me up the mountain. I'm not ashamed to say that I passed out from the fear.

I later woke, still in this giant's arms, but now in a cave where I knew he was going to eat me! But, instead, he pulls out this thing that is wrapped in animal skins. As he unwrapped it, I saw that it was a round stone about the size of a cantaloupe that had petroglyph carvings in it. I was so confused now thinking it was going to bash my head in with the rock. I passed out again.

When I woke up, it was dark and we were moving. This thing was 'mind speaking' to me, but nothing he said made sense. He stops and we're somewhere along the creek in a good-sized pool that was hip-deep on me. He pulls out this stone and sets it in the creek with his hands underneath it. He starts to make a very deep, very low resonating noise and that damn stone started floating! He wanted to know if I could make it float too and if I knew why it floated. Of course, I didn't know why it floated and I was unsuccessful in my attempts. I knew this red-haired giant wasn't right in the head.

Now frozen from the cold this thing began questioning me on what I did. I told it of my family and being the oldest of four boys and how my mother and brothers needed me and that I would be missed and searched for. I told him that I needed to get back. He would momentarily listen then change the subject informing me he didn't want me to leave and became upset. I don't know how but God came up in our conversation probably because the camp was set up the first year through a church. I told this giant that I believed in Jesus. He became more upset, but somber. Then for some reason, I asked this thing if he was Cain? He become very angry and started wrapping the stone back up. He yelled that he wasn't Cain. I didn't believe him. He then said a name that I can't remember.

I swear I saw an angel standing there as this giant picked me back up and started down the mountain. He stopped at the bottom of the trail next to the giant boulder and put me down. Then he stepped back into the brush and hid watching as the sun was just breaking over the mountain. I yelled out to the campfire where Billy and Sally were and they came running. Billy was an emotionally uncontrollable crying mess. They were both hysterical with joy. Billy kept apologizing as if he could have stopped that giant from taking me. I soon collapsed and passed out.

I woke screaming and thinking I was in that cave again but I found myself being brought to my senses by Betty in the main cabin. She had more questions than I had answers and my answers were too unbelievable. She brought me food and fixed up my scratches.

By that evening I was getting my strength back. The group stayed inside the main cabin that night. The ones who were unsure and unbelieving got a rude wake-up call that night. The giant returned at dark. He screamed, he roared, he shook the ground, he shook the cabin. He screamed threats at me in 'mind speak' as if I had somehow cheated him. His anger wasn't just at me. He raged until dawn with all of us inside praying and rebuking. Betty waited until we hadn't heard any more screams, then she sent Billy for the vehicle. We loaded up in record time.

Not much was said on the ride home and I've not seen any of the group since. I have never returned to that canyon. I can say there is power in the name of Jesus and that the Devil runs from his name. I'm really praying that Betty or Billy somehow read or hear this and that they come forward with their account." JB

NOTE: I believe that this may have been a Mormon / LDS-sponsored camp, or at least, that the experiencer was a Mormon. Many of the descriptions, including the 'Cain' reference to the Sasquatch, are similar to the beliefs of some in the LDS community. Lon

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