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Sunday, October 30, 2022

RED-EYED CRYPTID or Entity Follows Investigator Home From Research Area (VIDEO)

The following video was acquired in an undisclosed private wooded location in Missouri. The witness has been involved with Bigfoot research and maintains a research area nearby.

VIDEO - unknown red-eyed cryptid or entity on private property in Missouri

The witness (Jake) states that he believes that he was followed home by a 'red-eyed' cryptid. The video was recorded on Jake's family property.

Jake does narrate the video, some of which I have transcribed:

"I was letting my dog out and I had my camera with me. I glanced up for just a short moment and I got a glimpse of something red and shiny back towards the woods in my backyard. I was alone during this entire time, just out there with my dog. I'm going to estimate the distance at about 100 feet, maybe a little less."

"I believe that whatever it was, a Bigfoot or Dogman, followed me bAck from my research area."

Take a look at the video and listen to the narration. Lon


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