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Saturday, October 01, 2022

PLASMA-LIKE UFO Observed Over Naples, FL After Hurricane Ian (PHOTO)

An eyewitness living in Naples, Florida, forwarded a photo of a plasma-like UFO / UAP that was observed in the area after the devastation of Hurricane Ian.

"Hello, Mr. Strickler. I have read and enjoyed your cryptid posts casually for a few years.

I live in Naples, FL. As you know, Hurricane Ian struck our area Wednesday and created much destruction. I live a few miles inland from the coast so the ocean surge did not reach my home, but of course, we experienced high winds, rain, and power outages.

Thursday night my 19-year-old daughter and I stepped outside our condo to walk our dogs and I spotted what seemed like a star above and beyond the small forest behind our building, slightly moving and jumping like a firefly. It was in the direction of Ft. Myers, which was hit even harder than Naples. I took out my phone to record it but didn’t do a very good job. We watched it for a few minutes before my adult son, then my wife came outside and she began recording it. Then my daughter recorded it. The entire time it was jerking around in the sky. Here is a still of the unidentified flying object from one of the recordings, zoomed in.

At the time it just looked like a dancing star. Later, when watching the video, my daughter zoomed in and we saw that the object looked maybe plasma-like, possibly spinning, slightly changing shape, with different colors mildly emitting from it.

We observed the object for 40 or 45 minutes or so. During that time we moved from the ground to the second story of our building, then to the lanai behind our condo. We eventually tired of watching it and went inside. A few minutes later my younger daughter and I checked on it, and the object was still there but lower in the sky. A few minutes beyond that, my son looked out and said it had lowered below the tree line so it was basically out of sight.

I don’t know what to make of the object we observed. I read that the military has experimented with plasma for a few years, so I suppose that is a possible explanation. I am a Christian and have also wondered if it was an angel or ultraterrestrial. Maybe it is a natural electrical phenomenon as a result of the hurricane.

The recordings are short, just two or three minutes each, generally. If you would like to see one let me know and I will try to email it to you." DT

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