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Saturday, October 22, 2022

MALEVOLENT TRANSLUCENT ENTITY Attacks Woman in Her New Apartment

A Schenectady, NY woman moves into her first apartment. On the first night, she realizes that something malevolent is with her, as she is attacked and pinned to the bed.

Michelle (no last name given), then 26, had just moved into her first apartment. The price was a little high but the realtor worked out a deal and she got it much cheaper than the asking price.

On the night of March 4, 1995, she was still moving into the apartment, setting things up. Her father was helping. Right away, her dog, Chaos, seemed disturbed by something. He was acting very strange and did not seem to like the new place. He would not respond to commands and he wouldn't eat. Michelle assumed it had to do with him not being used to the new place. Eventually, Michelle's father left for the night.

When Michelle walked into the bathroom, she noticed that it seemed much colder than the other rooms. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, the TV came on, which caused Chaos to start barking wildly. When Michelle turned it off, the lights in the house flickered. It lasted about 45 seconds. She thought it might be an electrical issue but she doubted this. Michelle admitted that she was starting to become unnerved. She decided to take a shower to take her mind off of it. The dog, which usually lay on the mat when she showered, would not enter the bathroom. She left the door open so the dog could see her. In the shower, Michelle felt a presence, something standing over her, but there was nobody there.

When she finished, she went into the living room to watch TV and was thrown onto the couch by some unseen force. She felt like she was being pinned down by a hand, or something heavy. Thankfully, her dog jumped onto the couch which caused whatever it was to release her. She, in a panicked state, called her father but he insisted that it was just her imagination and to get some sleep. Michelle went into the bedroom and tried to sleep. At 3:07 AM, she was awoken by something pressing down on her. She likened it to having a vehicle on top of her. Something was on top of her. Then a horrifying face came into view. Michelle described it as translucent. She could see the teeth. “It screamed at me. I could see straight through its eyes and all I could feel was evil,” she recalled. She could feel the coldness on her face as it screamed at her. Her dog's barking was the only thing that kept her going. She screamed back, “Leave me alone!” When she did that, the creature backed off and vanished. Michelle left that night. She never stayed in the apartment again.

When speaking to neighbors, she discovered a man named Larry had caught his wife cheating on him and he had killed himself in the bathroom of the home. It was known to be haunted. They had not disclosed this to Michelle prior to her purchase. Michelle confronted the realtor with this information and was able to get out of her lease.

Source: Scariest Night of My Life (TV Show), Season 1, Episode 13, “Her Own Strength / Fright or Flight” Episode aired Jan 12, 2018

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