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Friday, October 07, 2022

'LITTLE PEOPLE' Encounters & Tales of Indigenous Oklahomans

A Native American man recalls his father's encounters with very small people known as 'Minapeds.' Many times, while fishing, he would hear their voices and occasionally capture a glimpse.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This is about my native dad who has had a few supernatural incidents happen to him and the rest of the family in Oklahoma. My father would frequently encounter little people that were no bigger than a pinecone. They are referred to as 'Minapeds.'

When he was around 10 years old he would go fishing in the lake near his childhood home. My grandpa would take him sometimes but when he was at work or getting treatment In Oklahoma City he would go alone. The thing about the lake and creeks in the area were the mists that would roll in, not too high only about a foot off the ground if not less, and would cover most of the area for hours at a time.

This particular time he went out fishing he got closer and closer to the misty edge of the lake. As he approached he would hear voices. He originally thought it was the wind but walking further along the path he realized it was definitely voiced. These voices were nothing he could recognize or understand but definitely dozens of small little voices around him. Feeling a bit frightened he made his way back home to where my grandma was. He told her about it and she just told him everything was fine, those voices were Minapeds and as long as you didn't bother them they won't bother you. In fact, if you should get lost at the lake they could help get you home. Still scared he didn't go fishing that day.

The next morning however he had put the voices in the back of his mind and set off to go fishing again. Walking down the same old path he again noticed the mist a foot above the ground and again small little voices. Keeping in mind what grandma said about not bothering them he just kept about his business and made it to the edge of the lake. The voices died down a bit and he was able to enjoy fishing in peace. He said he fished for a good 2 hours or so before heading back home and along the path. He again heard the voices, this time however along the misty path he would see movement to his left and right as if something small was moving quickly under the mist. He rarely saw a Minaped but the few times he did see them he said they were human-like with grey or brown skin and only a few inches tall.

When he encountered them again as an adult he was fishing with my uncle on my mother's side. They went fishing pretty often when I was growing up, several times every summer it seemed. They either went to one of the lakes in the Oklahoma panhandle area or New Mexico. The one time they went to the panhandle they went to a lake close to the one he grew up in that was only 50 or so miles west. There they set to get on a boat my uncle owned to fish on the lake. But on the way, there was a mist and the sound of little voices. My dad thought nothing of it but my uncle was starting to get confused asking if my dad heard voices in the wind. He told him not to worry and that they were just Minapeds and if he didn't bother then they wouldn't bother him. Eventually, it freaked my uncle out too much and he convinced my dad to go fish at a lake back west in Texas.

He didn't see any that time and I have had yet to see one. I do hope to encounter them though, I mean if my dad believes they exist even into adulthood then maybe they do. What do you think, native nonsense or plausible creature yet to be discovered?" B

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