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Monday, October 10, 2022

I Literally Ran Into a MASSIVE SASQUATCH!

A boy in southeast Wisconsin is spending the night in a tent on their property. After hearing unfamiliar noises he gets scared and bolts toward the house. He literally runs into a huge Sasquatch!

"I grew up in a small community in Wisconsin that was northwest of the city of Milwaukee. The landscape was an area that consisted of dairy farms with scattered wood lots and marshes. Not what you would typically think of when you hear about Sasquatch habitat. We lived on the edge of my hometown and owned about 40 acres of land, half made up of hardwoods and some ponds.

Back in the early 70s when I was seven years old in early summer my dad brought home a new four-person canvas tent so all the kids could camp out in the backyard. We're all excited and couldn't wait to use it. The first couple of times we slept in the tent were completely uneventful. Not satisfied with just sleeping in the backyard my older brother and sister asked my parents if we could move the tent into the clearing in the woods. The clearing was a small grassy open area of the woods directly behind my parent's house. My parents thought it would be okay because in this part of Wisconsin we really didn't have any predators to worry about. So we thought that on the first night in the woods nothing unusual would happen.

We lay on our sleeping bags eating popcorn listening to my brother reading scary books to us. I couldn't keep my eyes open after a while and fell fast asleep. All of a sudden I heard a loud noise. I sat up on my sleeping bag and looked around the dark tent. The moonlight came through the tent a bit and I immediately noticed my brother and sister weren't in the tent. I felt all around for my flashlight but I couldn't find it. I immediately thought that my brother and sister ditched me by playing a mean joke on me.

Just then I heard the sound of footsteps outside the tent and I thought that it might be my brother and sister coming back. Then I heard a loud sound followed by another sound from the other side of the tent. The noises were deep and guttural, sounding like very large animals almost, like a bear making a huffing sound. But this was like nothing that I'd ever heard before and I knew it wasn't my brother and sister. I moved to the front of the tent which faced deep into the woods to check to see if the zipper to the tent was closed, which it was. Then I heard more footsteps. It sounded like something was walking around the back of the tent and then I heard another sound. At this point, I was absolutely terrified! This is every child's worst nightmare becoming a reality. I was trembling with fear. I decided to run and make a break for the house.

I unzip the tent as quietly as I could. Once I got it open I bolted out as fast as I could run. As I turned around the left corner of the tent to head towards the house I ran smack into a wall of fur and face-planted into what felt like a big hairy tree! I got knocked on my butt and was stunned by the impact. I then noticed that I had a horrible taste in my mouth, as I got a good mouthful of that hairy tree when I ran into it. I wiped my mouth with my hand and started spitting on the ground. It tasted like a sweaty dirty wet dog with body odor. It made me want to puke! At this point, I had completely forgotten why I was running in the first place. I looked up to see what I ran into and there in front of me stood the largest man I'd ever seen. I could clearly make out the outline of his body. He was immense, taller than a professional basketball player, and twice as wide as a linebacker. It looked like he was wearing a heavy fur coat. My mind couldn't process what I was looking at. It was so big that I must have face-planted into his lower thigh. He just stood there completely motionless and stared down at me. My first thought was why is he wearing a fur coat when it's so warm outside.

I then realized this man might be meaning to harm me. I felt terrified and remembered why I was running. I jumped my feet and started sprinting for the house. I screamed the whole way thinking this huge man was right behind me and was about to grab me. When I got to the back door of the house I ran through the door and locked it and then I ran to my parent's bedroom screaming. I tried to tell my parents about the big man but I could hardly get anything out because I was crying so hard. My parents had a look of panic on their faces and immediately asked where my brother and sister were. My parents found them sitting in the kitchen eating a snack and they didn't know what the commotion was about. They told my parents that they heard some noises and got scared so they ditched me and left me in the tent because I was sleeping. They just figured I would be safe. My parents were furious with them.

I started to calm down and told my parents everything that happened. They convinced me that I must have been dreaming and I just imagined everything. So being so young I bought their explanation and put the whole scary incident out of my mind. However, my parents must have somewhat believed my story because the next day the tent came down and we were never allowed to camp by ourselves again." M

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Alice refused to spend another night at her house unless someone proved to her what she experienced had a natural explanation.

Paranormal investigator John Bullard was part of the initial team that started looking for answers. After many years, directors Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton headed to Mississippi with their camera crew to document the real-life effects of a homeowner’s mission to get her house back from this terrifying nightmare. 

The approach was much like a detective chasing down leads and connecting the dots. With a no stone left unturned mindset, utilizing real scientific data via physicists, field experts, and deep accurate research. The filmmakers were also adamant their film crew be very experienced in the field of paranormal research because of the sensitive nature of this case. The directors hand selected each film crew member not only for their respective production expertise but also for their dedication to the documentation of real paranormal research.

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