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Saturday, October 01, 2022

Huge CANINE-LIKE 'LASER-EYED' BEAST Encountered in Northeast Pennsylvania

A northeast Pennsylvania former US Marine describes an encounter that he had while hiking in the local woods. The unidentified beast was canine-like but had remarkable laser eyes!

The witness (no name given), a former marine, had moved to northeast Pennsylvania in 1972 after getting out of the forces. He worked as an officer and spent many hours in the woods per his job and also for recreational purposes (hunting, hiking, etc.)

One day in September 2002, he was in the woods hiking when he heard loud crashing sounds (trees falling and footfalls) which seemed to be following him. He became spooked and decided to head back. It was around 2:00 PM when he hit the railroad tracks, which lead back to his vehicle. To his right was a meadow, and to his left was a forest.

In that forest, some 20 feet away, he spotted a strange creature unlike any he had seen before. It was sitting upright “just like a human” apparently eating a freshly killed deer, which was in its lap. The creature had the longest legs the witness had ever seen. He guessed that it was around 500 pounds (skinny 7-foot long legs, skinny waist, thicker upper body, though, not muscular), was solid black, clean (like it went through a “car wash”), with huge feet and with hair hanging off the elbows of its long arms. Its back was mostly hairless (shedding?) while the chest, stomach, and shoulders were hairy. Its head reminded him of a wolf, or a Great Dane, medium length snout with tiny ears atop its head. It also had a really long red tongue and double rows of teeth, not unlike a shark. Had it stood up, he guessed that it would have been around 11 feet tall.

“It took me a little bit to rationalize in my mind what I saw.” The strangest was yet to come. “So when I took the two steps to my left, it turned its head. it heard me. It turned its head to the left and this thing was a demon and I’ll tell you why. It had two laser-like beams come out of its eyes and the beams were red with green trim around it.” The beams only lasted a few seconds and then they were gone, receding back into its eyes. As crazy as it sounded, the witness was certain of what he had seen.

When the creature turned and looked at him, the witness sensed that it wanted to kill him. Terrified, he took off running. Even though he had a Magnum, he didn't think it would stop this beast. He was so panicked that he tripped and fell yet that is when he noticed that it did not seem to be following him. He got back to his truck and left the area. He never stepped foot in those woods again.

Thinking about it later, he believed that the creature, which he was never able to truly identify, had been stalking him, and had it not caught the deer, he would have most likely been its dinner. He spoke to a friend later about his sighting and discovered that other people had seen something similar in that area.

“I got a friend of mine. He's got a recycling center about a mile and a half down from my house and he's picking up some gym equipment but I’m telling him the story. He said, my brother, almost word for word, except for the head, he's seen one right in that same area. He said, but this was a small one. It looked like a kid. It had a kid's face. I said, Oh wow, he said to me, it looked up and down the road, before it crossed, so it didn't get run over."

Transcribed source: Pennsylvania Mystery Cryptid Part 1 - Man Sees Horrifying Alien Canine on the Railroad Track” Uploaded on 15 Aug 2022; “The Pennsylvania Mystery Cryptid Part 2 - Man Saw a Horrifying Alien Canine on the Railroad Track” Uploaded 17 Aug 2022

NOTE: The cryptid canine reports that I have read or received from the eastern region of Pennsylvania are, by far, some of the most bizarre encounters. Lon

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