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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Experiencer Describes LION-HEADED ALIEN ENCOUNTER & Other UFO Incidents

An experiencer details several of his UFO and unknown encounters. The first known encounter is with a lion-headed entity with a black robe that seems to be 'alive.' Very interesting.

The following accounts were forwarded to me by my friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

I've been struggling with contacting you for weeks. I live in Anadarko, Oklahoma, but I am originally from San Diego. My first UFO encounter was around 1976. We, my father, mother, and I moved from San Diego to Spring Valley. My mother worked nights as a nurse for Mercy Hospital downtown from 10 P.M. until 8 A.M.

One night after we dropped my mother off at work, we did our usual nighttime routine and stopped by Taco Bell. On the way home going east, I spotted an object outside my window facing south. It appeared to be a white orb-like object just above the hills following us on a horizontal course. I pointed at it to my father who at first thought I was joking or making up something. When he saw it he became afraid. Know a little bit about my father. He was around 6'8" and the toughest man alive. I never saw him afraid of anything.

We continued on home both of us looking at the object which climbed out of view into the sky. We quickly went home and rushed into the house my father leading the way by unlocking the door. We set our food on the railing and I closed the door when the doorbell rang. I thought it was one of my father's friends who occasionally stopped by after we took my mom to work. I quickly open the door over the protest of my father and saw a being standing in front of our door and a white glowing disc-like craft over our street. The being had the head of a male lion and a black robe with stars, galaxies, and comets. The strange thing was that the objects on the robe were moving. The spiral galaxies swirling, comets shooting, stars twinkling. Then the lion-headed being roared and I and my father fell back towards the floor and everything went black.

My mother found us the next day in the hallway with the front door open and me and my father asleep on the floor. She woke us up yelling what were we doing and why wasn't I at school? I tried to explain what we saw last night, but my father told me to be quiet. No being a child of the 70s I knew not to disobey my father and attempted to tell my mother later after school while my father was at work. I will give my mother credit she listened but I don't think she believed me.

Then in 1985 I was 15 and living in El Reno, Oklahoma. A bunch of friends and me was leaving a friend of ours house and by a bunch, I mean about 15-18 guys. It was around 8 P.M. at night we were going to Booker T. Washington's gym to play basketball when an object fell out of the sky from the south heading to the north. The object was making a buzzing noise almost like a helicopter but louder. We all looked up a saw a large ball of light about 20 feet in diameter falling out of the sky. It smelled like sulfur and was changing color from white, yellow, green blue, and red then back to white. It looked like it was landing or crashing at the neighborhood park about 10 blocks away. One of the guys looked at me and suggested we all go see what it was. The reason why he looked at me was that I was into science and jokingly they called me the professor. I got a sudden feeling of dread thinking about investigating the object and said no. Everyone shrugged and we went on to play basketball.

My biggest encounter was in 1991. I was in the Oklahoma National Guard, a new father and the first Iraq war was on and I was waiting to get deployed. I brought the new year in with my child and my girlfriend and since they stayed at her mother's house I had to leave. It was between 1 and 1:30 A.M. I was walking across the band field towards home when I saw an object in the northwest. It looked like a star with a trail streaming from it and white objects falling toward the ground. At first I thought it was the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but then I remembered he comes from the east. So my next thought was that the Russians launched a missile and this was it, Tinker Airforce Base is about 25 miles from El Reno.

Stuck with indecision about whether should I warn my mother and little brother or my girlfriend and child I stood there watching. The object was coming closer still with a tail and with objects falling to the ground. Then beams of light shot out in front of it so I thought it was a plane. I felt sorry for the plane's people and thought it was a 747. I had never seen a plane crash and I continued watching. Then the strangest thing happened. The headlights started sweeping the ground. I thought well they are looking for a place to ditch, then it occurred to me when did 747's get searchlights? One beam of light went to the north and the other to the south and then they both came together on me standing in the middle of the band field and went out. It was right in front of me when my sight came back. A UFO, disc-shaped with the back end blown off. Debris was falling off the back end towards the ground but when it reached the ground it just evaporated. The UFO was trailing smoke and it had a row of windows on its side. The lights inside the UFO were emergency red and I saw silhouettes of beings running back and forth. Then one stopped and looked down at me. I thought to myself here's my chance to make contact with someone from another planet. I had a mini flashlight on my keychain and I flashed it up at it a couple of times with no response. So I waved with my right arm and it copied me, then with both arms and it copied me.

I heard a vehicle stop on the street behind me and a man and I was deeply concerned about its well-being. We stood there looking at each other for what felt like hours when another figure who was running past it stopped looked down at me grabbed my "friend" and went to the undamaged part of the craft. 6 balls of light then a seventh shot towards the southwest all changing colors from white, yellow, green, blue, red, and back to white.

I ran home and woke my mother up frantically telling her what I saw. Then to a party where I knew a friend of mine was at. I told him and he thought I was full of it but I convinced him to go to his house to watch the news. We were watching channel 4 news when an anchorwoman Uzi Brown-Washington came on a said, "If you saw an object in the sky it was..." and then she was cut off. All my friend could do was look at me with his mouth open. We stayed up until 5 that morning waiting for her to come back on with news of what I saw.

I'm  52 I've only told this to a handful of people I felt I could trust. I thank you for your time." MC


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