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Monday, October 03, 2022

Doomed Flight 191 WAKING VISION & DEATH OMEN Saves Friend's Life

A Los Angeles man writes me, detailing his 'Waking Vision' of the doomed Flight 191, that crashed in Chicago in 1979. He had warned a friend to NOT take that flight on his return trip to LA.

I recently received the following account:

Hello Lon: 

I read your story about David Booth had his series of dreams about a plane making a strange noise before it crashed among tall buildings and burned. Years ago I also had a premonition about that same aircraft that was going to lose its left engine and crash on take off from Chicago's O'Hare Airport on the non-stop return flight to Los Angeles. Here's what happened in May 1979 when I lived in Los Angeles, CA.

I had this friend who had grown up in Chicago then moved to LA and was planning on going to Chicago before the Memorial Day weekend and asked me to drive him to LAX to buy his ticket from the American Airlines desk. I believe it was about a week or so before Memorial Day and he wanted to spend some time with his family and friends he had there before returning to LA on that non-stop Flight 191. It was about 2:30 pm LA time when we came out of LAX with his non-stop ticket in hand.  As we walked out of the terminal and started to cross the street going into the parking lot I had an ominous feeling and turned to look at the AA DC-10 jet sitting above me where people would board the plane. Just at that moment in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon, it seemed as if the whole tail section of the plane suddenly fell to its left and onto me in what I would call a 'Waking Vision.'  It was very real and I actually thought the tail of the plane had fallen off and onto me at first. My friend saw me freeze in the middle of the street with a shocked look on my face and asked me what was wrong. I told him what I just told you and we got in the car and I drove him back to his apartment in Hollywood. He asked me to come by later that evening and pick him up and we'd go out for something to eat. He didn't drive so I picked him up about 7:30 pm or so and after dinner returned at dark around 10 pm as I recall. It was too late for birds to be flying around.

He asked me in for a hot cup of tea and as I was sitting on his couch looking at him standing in front of 3 open windows w/ no screens a sparrow suddenly flew in the window in front of his face. It circled his head, startling him, and landed on the curtain rod not far from him. When he looked at me I had that same shocked expression as I did when I had the Waking Vision at the airport earlier that day. He told me that I had that same look I did at the airport. To me, a bird in the house even in the daytime is an Omen of Death, at least in my family. Others down South also believe in that same thing. I've seen it happen too many times over the years to pass it off as superstition. I told him that he had been marked for death by that bird and it had something to do with that airplane down at LAX earlier that day. I was upset by what had happened that day and I drank my tea and left for my own apartment wondering what it all meant. Later that night I would find out.

In a Time Travel Dream, it was Monday, May 25th on Memorial Day and I was in the AA terminal watching people board that doomed Flight 191. Then I found myself hovering in the air a few hundred feet above the runway as I watched Flight 191 taxi out and begin to throttle up for takeoff. It began its run and lifted into the air just after rotation and began to climb.  As it got to where I was in the air the left engine suddenly ripped loose and went up and over the wing spewing hydraulic fluid from the wing as the engine plummeted to the ground. The plane began to roll to the left slowly at first then faster as it became inverted and crashed sideways to the ground and exploded into a giant fireball.  At that point, I woke up in bed in a panic from having had a very realistic nightmare more real than a dream. I told my friends at the hotel where I lived about it as well as my friend who was going to Chicago. Some of my friends there knew the other friend who held the ticket to his death. My friend who held the RT ticket was afraid to go at all and I said, "It's not the plane going to Chicago you need to worry about. It's the one coming back that you don't want to be on!" Anyway, I drove my friend to LAX and he started the 1st half of his round trip to Chicago. He would not be coming back on Flight 191.

A day or two before Flight 191 was destined to roll down the runway to its doom, my friend called me from Chicago. I was apartment sitting for him and feeding and taking care of his dog while he was away. He wanted to know if I still held to my belief that Flight 191 would crash and burn. I said for him to make out his Will and not carry it on board but mail it to me and let me know what to do with his dog. That shook him up enough to change flights and take an earlier flight that would go through Denver or Salt Lake City or someplace on its way to LAX.  He later gave me the new flight number and arrival time and I met him at LAX. He was shaken up. He found out while he was flying back to LA on that other flight that 191 had crashed and burned. When I saw him he said to me, "I could have been killed!" I said, "No, you would have been killed! There were no survivors!"

A strange thing to note about the Waking Vision of the tail section with the big AA on the tail that fell onto me. It was the same thing that happened to me in the dream in the air when the engine ripped off the plane and it went sideways. At that moment when the plane rolled sideways, the tail of the AA went through me in the air just like it did on the ground. That was what I was experiencing over a week before the plane really flipped sideways and crashed!  Didn't make sense at the time but only in retrospect did it make sense. The Waking Vision, the Bird Omen, and the Prophetic Dream all pointed to the same thing; a warning to stay off Flight 191. Dan lived to tell the tale because he chose to return to LAX on another plane. Another interesting thought crossed my mind about the incident at LAX. I wonder if the plane I saw there physically outside the terminal was in fact the same plane that crashed and burned in Chicago on that fateful Memorial Day? I'll never know.

As much as David Booth tried to get it right he didn't have the DC-10 plane or how it crashed or even the city where it crashed identified. I didn't have repeating dreams until the plane crashed as he did. But do you want to know an interesting if not eerie coincidence involving David Booth and me? I live in Knoxville, TN and somehow David Booth moved to Knoxville, TN, and died from heart failure in the University of Tennessee Hospital. He and I never met.  What are the odds of two people each having a premonition about the same plane crash and then wind up in the same city? All this story is as true as it is weird and sounds just like the Twilight Zone.

Sincerely, David Pack

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