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Tuesday, October 04, 2022

'DON'T GO! YOU'LL DIE!' Premonition Possibly Saved Philadelphia Woman's Life

A Philadelphia woman is walking to a mall in an area of the city where she wasn't familiar. A homeless calls out her name and warns her not to go there. Later that day, several people were gunned down at the mall.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This is a bizarre incident that occurred several years ago. My ex-wife was walking down the street and a homeless man called her by name. No big deal, maybe he heard someone call her that one day. But she never saw him before or since. The strange part is that he then said, "Don't go! You'll die! The mall! Now, those words chilled her to the bone. So much so that she turned around and went home.

She had been putting on weight and wanted to be healthier, so she was walking three miles in the opposite direction to get food, avoiding her favorite Philly cheesesteak stand (yes, we lived in Philadelphia). She decided against food altogether that day and was walking five miles further to see if she could see a new part of town, as she had only been in Philly for a year. But she had never walked in the direction of the park. This was completely away from anywhere she had ever been, or anyone she could have possibly known. Then this homeless man just pops out.

Despite being miles in the wrong direction, around a place she had never been, in a city new to her, a man calls her by name and says she will die if she goes to the place she planned to go. Let alone that no one knew about where she was going, not even her, until that morning when she got up. So, she goes home.

Later that day, on the news, people were gunned down at the mall she was thinking of going to." E

NOTE: I tried to find out the date of the shooting because, quite frankly, there have been numerous shootings in Philadelphia area malls over the years. I do know that this incident occurred at least 4 years ago, but that is the extent of any information. Anyway, is it possible that the homeless man may have been the woman's Guardian Angel? Lon

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